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Project Runway Moves To Lifetime! You Know, Television For Women And The Gays!

Updated on April 3, 2009


For those who read my blog regularly you’ll be bored when I mention again that I was the Ultimate Fan Blogger for Project Runway Season 3 (with my blogs appearing on after each episode) and that I was almost the official blogger for Season 4 until I was auf’d before I even started. You can read all of that on my site/archive pages at So when I heard that there was a huge legal dispute between Bravo and Lifetime for Season 6 of the show I wasn’t all that surprised. I mean, if you’re going to move it off the gay, gay, gayer than gay Bravo network, the only other place to go is Lifetime. Project Runway moves to Lifetime! You know, Television for Women and the gays! – Don’t Get Me Started!

Just call me an old fashioned gay. I have not (as of yet) added the Logo network or any other specifically gay network to my cable television bill so I have to get my gay television just like we gays used to get it before we had actual networks that proclaimed their gayness for all to see and hear. That’s right kids, you may not remember this so let an old Gaytriarch school you. A not so long time ago there wasn’t a Logo channel so we gays got our television from Bravo TV and Lifetime. Why those networks? Well you see when Bravo started off it was very artsy fartsy. It was back before they ran out of real actors on the Actors’ Studio Show, before they started booking people like Ashton Kutcher or someone who does Pine Sol commercials and they had Project Runway. It even has a gay running the network who eventually gave himself his own show doing the cast reunion shows. As far as Lifetime goes, before it was showing endless reruns of Will And Grace to solidify its standing as the second gay, gay, gayer than gay network it was showing something almost even juicier for gays. It was not only showing every sappy made for television movie but it had reruns of the Golden Girls.

While the legal battle was raging, they still managed to get Season 6 in the can. (Although because it wasn’t airing yet they were forced to not allow the finalists to appear on the runway with their collections when they filmed the finale during Fashion Week) I’m not sure all the legal details (nor do I care) but I know that according to People magazine, the two unofficial gay networks have stopped the bitch fight and are amicably announcing that the new season of Project Runway will be on Lifetime this summer.

The problem I have is that unfortunately having watched the show from Season 1, day one I have to say that each year the show was a little less exciting and this past season was so dull that I found myself not caring who won and wondering why I was even watching the damn show. What will make it worse is that apparently they’re going to move the show to Los Angeles for their next season. What?!? Taking it off of one gay network to put it on the other gay network is one thing but to move it from the fashion capital of the US (New York) and put in Los Angeles where fashion is dictated by singers who have clothing lines makes me think that the show is going the way of most shows that don’t age well, which is to the land of no one watching. As a card carrying Screen Actors Guild member it does my heart good to see reality shows getting tired by season four and going away. I say bring back shows like Carol Burnett (12 seasons) or an ER (14 seasons). But per usual, I digress.

Will I watch the new season of Project Runway, sure and I hope for all our sakes it’s juicy good. But as far as moving to Lifetime being a factor, I don’t think that it one because it’s just going from one gay fav network to another. Project Runway moves to Lifetime! You know, Television for Women and the gays! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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