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Project Runway Season 13 Episode 2 - Unconventional Movie Night

Updated on September 23, 2014

The Golden Era of Movies

Week 2 of Project Runway was an unconventional group challenge, where the designers had to make three cohesive looks (as a group) using materials found in a movie theater, or used in the process of making and distributing movies.

Unconventional challenges are always one of my favorite challenges. The designers are challenged to make high fashion designs using something that you would never think to make a garment out of. It shows the unique design capabilities of each contestant and shows the audience just what you can do with everyday materials - not that anyone would go out in an outfit made of zip ties, straws, or ticket stubs!

Sean Kelly Is Still My Favorite To Win

Sean Kelly's Episode 2 Runway look - Made out of straws.
Sean Kelly's Episode 2 Runway look - Made out of straws. | Source
Angela Sum's Episode 2 Runway look
Angela Sum's Episode 2 Runway look | Source

The Villians

Sean Kelly was grouped with fäde zu grau and Angela Sum. They decided to create a black and white theme based off of villains. I mean Sean and fäde decided that, Angela wanted to do something softer, 'maybe like an angel'. All I could think was Huh? When you think movies you don't exactly think angels, but at least it would be white. I think.

Sean and fäde made easy work of their designs. Sean made a dress created with straws (still the in wrappers). The resulting garment looked like a frilly material instead of the fragile plastic covered paper that it was. fäde made a dress with a Batman-esque bodice and a bubble skirt made out of film rolls (or VCR tape? Maybe both!), Angela struggled - having only a muslin outline for most the show, and refusing help from her team.

In the end, I believe Sean's look would have been the winner - had their group been the winning group. The judges were quick to criticize Angela's dress, and noted that had it not been for her the group might have been the winner. If you read into that it also means that had she been in a weaker group, she would have been out.

Mitchell Perry's Episode 2 runway look
Mitchell Perry's Episode 2 runway look | Source

The 80's Crew

Mitchell Perry, Char Glover, and Kini Zamora grouped together. They decided to build cocktail dresses using variations on the color blue. Glover made a dress out of ticket stubs, and while the dress was cute enough, my main reaction was fear that the perforations would separate and the dress would disintegrate before our eyes. At least that is what always happens to us when we win tickets at Dave & Busters!

Zamora made a dress with a ruffle skirt made out of popcorn buckets. The top was made out of cording. I didn't really like this look, but it was put together really well.

The look that stood out in this group was that of Mitchell Perry. His short cocktail dress was made entirely out of DVD's and he was able to get some great geometrical shapes out of them as well as some dazzling colors. The dress really stood out amongst all the designers and had it been an individual challenge, I am convinced he would have been in the top three.

The disappointing part of this groups collection was that they did cocktail dresses. There are going to be so many more opportunities to make cocktail dresses, I was just a little uninspired at seeing them in the unconventional challenge.

The Winner

Amanda Valentine's Episode 2 winning runway look
Amanda Valentine's Episode 2 winning runway look | Source

Space Age Futuristic

Amanda Valentine, Korina Emmerich, and Kristine Guico teamed together, and Amanda quickly advised the girls to go all out and make their own textiles. Because she has been through the competition before (on Season 11), and she has been through the second week unconventional challenge, the girls took the lead from Amanda and started to create something unique.

It might have been too unique though, for most of the episode the trio looked a little lost. Kristine was making a top made out of green cording, and when the model come in, it was apparent that there needed to be more - since it was showing quite a bit of 'side boob'. Korina was using green as the basis of her geometrical design, and Amanda brought the two together by incorporating elements from each of their design into her own, which was mainly made out of zip ties.

All together the group put together a cohesive look, which was the main point of the challenge. Amanda's design was chosen as the best, though I am not sure if that was the right choice. I didn't like her design much, due to the fact that it was more like a giant accessory that was worn over a white muslin mine dress. However, it was probably still my favorite look out of the three. Again, I believe they were picked as the winners because their looks were all tied together, but very different.

Carrie Sleutskaya Episode 2 runway elimination look
Carrie Sleutskaya Episode 2 runway elimination look | Source

The Golden Age of the Movies

Carrie Sleutskaya, Hernan Lander, and Sandhya Garg were grouped together, and the pressure was on. Because Sandhya won the last challenge, she had immunity. That meant that if the group was in the bottom, she would be safe. She didn't let that affect her effort though, she stepped up and took direction from her team and although she wanted to go in a different direction, she caved to the pressure and conformed to what Carrie and Hernan wanted.

Carrie started by making a futuristic looking gown with a high neckline in silver and Sandhya was making a flouncy skirt made of the same material. Carrie and Henan had not been fans of Sandhya's look in episode one (No one was really) and so they almost immediately dismissed all of her ideas. Hernan was particularly critical, and after Tim Gunn remarked that their look had no cohesion, he pushed the team to use his idea of using the filmstrips as the textile for their looks.

The dresses that the team sent down the runway this episode were all short dresses, made of the same coloring of film strips, with similar design elements. The judges railed against the team - all of them being very critical of the looks. Sandhya's was the one that was the most poorly constructed, but she was safe from elimination, leaving Carrie and Hernan as the judges choices. Carrie defended her work, and pushed to have Sandhya eliminated - a better tactic would have been to push against Hernan. Hernan also complained about Sandhya's construction, leaving the judges with little information to determine how the teamwork had gone sans Sandhya. It came very close to a double elimination, but I believe that Hernan's construction pulled him out of the elimination, and Carrie Sleutskaya was sent home. Which is a shame, I really liked her hair, and her style.

Do you think the judges got it wrong?

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Want To Know More?

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    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 

      4 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Haven't watched it in a few seasons, but Sean definitely looks talented.

    • KnowWhatImean profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks! I really like Sean's Work, but there are so many talented designers this year. Still I have confidence that he will make it to the end.

    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 

      5 years ago from Washington, DC

      I'm back! I saw the first two episodes, will watch the 3rd tonight. Excellent review of Season 13 Episode2. I'm a huge fan of Project Runway so I appreciate your article and your on-point critique of the show. Very well done. Voted up and interesting.

    • KnowWhatImean profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Me too! I can't wait for tonight's episode. Do you have a favorite Designer?

    • RockThizMagazine profile image

      Lisa Snyder 

      5 years ago from NE

      Love This Show

    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 

      5 years ago from Washington, DC

      Oh no, I can't read your hub yet since I still have to watch the first 2 shows of Season 13! I'm behind so I will have to come back after I catch up with On Demand. See you later!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Another great article on fashion! Thanks for keeping me up to date! :-) Voted up! Tweeted out!


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