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Project Runway Season 13 - Storage Wars

Updated on October 7, 2014
Kini Zamora's Winning Runway look made out of soccer balls.
Kini Zamora's Winning Runway look made out of soccer balls. | Source

Unconventional Team Challenge

This week the designers were paired up in teams for an unconventional challenge. The designers arrived at a warehouse in which there were several storage bins in front of them. Tim Gunn explained that the storage bins would contain the materials that the designers would use for their runway challenge this week. The designers would have to bid auction style for the bins and the highest bidder would win. Luckily, Tim Gunn opened the door to the storage bin before binning started, allowing the designers to get a glimpse of what was inside. They couldn’t however see what was in the other bins until the current bid was complete.

Emily and Korina jumped at the first bin, which contained large arm chairs and sofas. The material from the furniture seemed like it would be enough for them to create designs, but it wasn’t clear if it would be good material. Sean and Char jumped on the second bin, which contained nothing but a chest of drawers, a lamp and a moving blanket. Still they took the chance and won the bid for $65. Amanda and Kini bid on a storage bin that contained toys and a ‘psychedelic Yeti’, the bidding was heavy between their team and Sean & Char, but they won out with $190. The next unit contained a ton of fabrics and textiles and other crafty items. Char and Korina out bid Sean and Char with $305. The final bin was full of leather luggage and other textiles. Sean and Char had $325 left to bid, while Amanda and Kini only had $310. Sean and Char won the bid. The designers then had 30 minutes to sort through their bins, and pull out any of the materials that they wanted to keep for their designs.

The Psychedelic Yeti
The Psychedelic Yeti

A Little Twist

The designers headed back to the workroom to start on their looks. Each designer was to create their own look, and it must be cohesive as a group look. It's a two day challenge, so expectations are high. There should be plenty of time for them to complete their looks.

The designers come in for day two of the challenge, and are reviewing where they are when Tim Gunn arrives. He announces that he has a 'little twist'. The designers need to create a third look! The new look must be cohesive with the storage bin looks, but must be made primarily out of fabric. Each team send one designer to mood to pick out the new fabric. With only half a day left to create this new look, the designers are in a time crunch.

Tim Gunn Critiques

Once the designers have started with their third look, Tim Gunn arrives back in the workroom to give his critiques. He has nothing but good things to say about Korina's look, while he thinks the jacket Emily made out of a sofa cushion looks like 'Spongebob Squarepants'. He also encourages Char to edit her look somewhat. When he tries to enlist Sean to back him up, Sean responds that it's 'Char's look'. Letting her run free with her design. When Tim gets to Amanda and Kini, he ends up giving Kini the harshest critique that he has gotten this season and Kini is stunned. Tim seemed overwhelmed by the amount of fabrics and shapes going on in the trio of garments, while Amanda and Kini looked at the collection with stunned concern.

Emily's Episode 11 Jacket
Emily's Episode 11 Jacket

The Runway and a Do-over?

The designers send their looks down the runway, and it must be that it is so close to the end because the snarky comments about other looks are really starting to come out.

Amanda and Kini are first, and the Yeti dress looks really cool even with the tablecloth skirt. Kini's soccer ball cocktail dress looks really hot. Nina Garcia likes the soccer ball dress, though she likes it much more without the fur coat. The third look fits right in with Amanda's description of 'Pop start goes to Tokyo'.

Sean's moving blanket coat looked great as it went down the runway. Unfortunately the third look he sent down the dress ended in a bell shape created by a lampshade. The model was having a hard time getting down the runway, and Zac Posen chastised Sean for putting the model through that. Chars look seemed unfinished to me, or maybe it was unpolished. Zac noted that it looked like someone who had been out partying all night, and it was hoochy. He even said 'That girl knows how to twerk'. Heidi felt that totality of the looks was safe.

As Korina's model starts down the runway someone comments 'Well at least she can use her legs'. Korina's Model was wearing a vinyl top and a table runner skirt, topped with a blanket poncho coat. Emily's short skirt is paired with the sofa cushion jacket, and they look really nice. Their third look is a a bulky sweater and tight leather pants. Nina Garcia asked to see Korina's look without the poncho and hat and said that removing those elements made it much better, but she really hated the sweater material for the third look. Which is unfortunate because I really liked the sweater. Maybe I couldn't see the knit well enough. As Zac was commenting about the upsides to the collection, Korina commented that theirs was wearable. A clear dig about the look from Sean where the model had a hard time walking.

Sean Kelly and Char Glover's Storage War Collection
Sean Kelly and Char Glover's Storage War Collection

What do you think?

Was it right for Korina to be eliminated?

See results

A Winner and a Tie for Loser?

Amanda and Kini were only able to buy one storage bin, and Zac Posen commented that "sometimes with a little you can do a lot, which should have been a lesson for all the designers today". Their team was the clear winner, and Kini's soccer ball dress claimed the top spot.

Emily and Sean were in. That left Korina and Char wondering which one of them would be out. However, Heidi had another twist up her sleeve. Char and Korina would have 1 hour to create a new look that would convince the judges that they deserved to stay in the competition. They could use any of the left over fabrics from previous challenges and the look could be inspired by anything. They would also be able to enlist the help of their partner from the current challenge to help them complete the look.

Char worked with Sean to complete a pretty draped blue dress, and Emily helped Korina create a graphic design dress. The look Korina put together looked like it had been put together in an hour, and she was eliminated. When she returned to the designers lounge, her anger towards being eliminated showed as she made comments about how it hadn't been fair that Char had been brought back, and that she should have been eliminated long ago. It looked like all of the designers were feeling a bit uncomfortable as she continued to make comments about how it shouldn't have been her time to go.

Korina Emmerich's Elimination Runway Look
Korina Emmerich's Elimination Runway Look | Source

Coming Up Next

Project Runway Season 13 returns October 9th at 9/8c on Lifetime. Episode 12 challenges the designers to create a winning look from one of the season's losing looks. With only 5 designers left, the dream of making it to fashion week is very close for all of them. Who will be in and who will be Auf?


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    • Teeuwynn Woodruff profile image

      Teeuwynn Woodruff 

      4 years ago from Washington State

      Good question. I think I'm leaning toward Kini or Amanda right now.

    • KnowWhatImean profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks for the support! The Yeti was an odd creature as a painting, but I think Amanda and Kini made it into something fabulous! Who do you think is going to win it all?

    • Teeuwynn Woodruff profile image

      Teeuwynn Woodruff 

      4 years ago from Washington State

      Thanks for the recap! That psychedelic yeti was quite the odd creature, wasn't it? I've been enjoying this season and its nice to see your recaps up on HP.


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