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Project Runway Season 4, episode 5 "What's The Skinny?"

Updated on May 9, 2011

Finally we get a little drama in Season 4! The episode started benign enough with Sweet P missing Chris and Jack talking about a pimple in his nose but soon so much would change.

On the runway the designers discover their models for the next challenge will be everyday women who have lost a significant amount of weight. As Heidi introduces them in their favorite clothes pre-weight loss she delivers the challenge. The challenge is for the designers to take these clothes and create a new look for everyday women using their old clothes. You can see the designers all praying they don't get the woman in the wedding dress. Steven comes up the designer with the short straw (or button) on this one and gets the wedding dress.

Kevin is delighted about designing for "real women" but most of the designers seem to be afraid of the not size 0 models they have been dealt. Let me take a moment to get on my soapbox here, this is the exact problem with designers and stores that stock clothes for everyday women, they don't get how to design for the curves or size of a real woman. Look at Lane Bryant or one of those stores and you'll get what I mean immediately. Everything looks like it's made for a woman in her late seventies or it's trying to look like what the young girls are wearing but they just made the pattern huge and didn't think about it really having to actually fit anyone, it's just large.

Back to the workroom where a note left from Chris chokes everyone up. Victorya makes the startling statement (yes, I'm being sarcastic and my eyes are rolled to the back of my head), "These are kind of normal women." The designers are all talking the right talk about making these women feel great but we'll see what ends up on the runway.

Steven's struggling with the wedding dress continues but it's Jack's struggle with a swollen face from what is now most likely a staph infection that has him and everyone coming to the realization that he needs medical attention. And with a classic "Gather round" Tim allows Jack to deliver the news that he's leaving the show. While Sweet P is visibly moved it seems to me Christian's insincerity is showing. Soon after Jack's departure comes another "Gather round" and voila, Chris is back on the show and gets to work all night due to his late reentrance into the game. In talking to him about his plan of attack, Tim delivers my quote of the week with, "Cause I've made more bad decisions at 3 o'clock in the morning than I can list." When the designers start giggling over the comment, Steven asks Tim for names and then the gay repartee ensues and you get why gays make such fabulous television!

Elimination day seems less than frantic for some but Steven is desperately trying to finish with the aid of almost every other designer and some glue. Ricky cries at making his model feel good about herself. (Has there been an episode yet where he hasn't cried?) While Christian critiques everyone else's outfits with most being "God awful" according to him.

Let me say that some of these designs I didn't understand at all, I also didn't understand how Jillian got a pass on using practically nothing from the original clothes and managed to be at the top of the pack. While the win goes to Christian, no one can deny that Kevin's was a very close second.

While Michael Kors' chastises Chris for his more costume looking piece akin to a Shirley MacLaine, "hooker with a heart of gold" from Paris in the 1950's he gets a pass too. Elisa's layered look looks as if she'll be out but no one can argue when the judges auf Steven for the as Nina Garcia puts it, "wedding to funeral" look resembling a French maid. Sorry to see Steven go, I think he was much better than what he turned out this week and was just blinded by the white and sequins of the original wedding dress.

There seem to be a lot of designers playing it safe in the middle of the pack each week but at least the show seemed to pick up a bit of momentum. While the show didn't rely solely on the drama of Jack's departure it did seem to help to make some of these designers more everyday people, more real, like their models this week. And that's when reality television gets good!



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      Marie 10 years ago

      Put the actual episode on this website, please!!!