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Project Runway Season 5 Finale from Some Like It Scott

Updated on May 8, 2011
Patrick Nagel
Patrick Nagel

Okay, I admit that I'm probably more than a little jaded when it comes to Project Runway. After being voted the Ultimate Fan Blogger for Season 3 and having my blog appear each week on, then being asked to lend my services again for Season 4 only to be told after three weeks (and not seeing any blogs) that I had been fired before I guess I was actually hired (Read that blog here... let's just say that much like people who "hate the sin but not the sinner" I only hate the website/editors/marketing team of the show and have remained a loyal fan of the show. Project Runway Season 5 - Don't Get Me Started!

This season started off with a yawn and never really raised above it all that much. It seems as though instead of attracting new, young, hungry designers that once again the field is mucked up with a bunch of people who all ready think they know everything but just want publicity. So it was no surprise that when the contestants were narrowed down that once again a "bitch" began emerging. Since the first Project Runway, the judges (or producers to make good TV, not sure which) took a bitch into the finale. Season 1 was Wendy and this season it's Kenley! Disrespectful to Tim and Heidi in a single swoop, this Betty Page wannabe filled the bill nicely.

Going into the finale, Girl Power or is that Cat Power (as they all seem to have found their claws when criticizing one another behind each other's backs during the finale) at least from the look of the collections we were in for some new stuff that we hadn't seen before. (Except for Kenley who as Tim Gunn reprimanded, needs to get some fashion history behind her)

Kenley was a favorite of mine from early on. Who cares that she seemed to be only interested in harkening back an era of the past with her own fashion sense, hair and make-up; I really liked the stuff she turned out. That is until things like the making Leeanne into a Hip Hop diva challenge where she defended her way off base look and got mad at Leeanne when the only person she should have been mad at was herself. I also didn't care for her lack of respect for Tim or anyone else on the show. As a continual "rule follower" in my own life, this always makes me uncomfortable. I don't find it to be rebellious, just find it to be...well, rude. When her show started the first thought I had was that it looked very 80's to me. More than just looking 80's, it specifically looked a little like what the girls in the Nagel lithos that were popular on many an apartment wall in the 80's might have been wearing. There were a few modern great moments like the short ivory dress with the hand painting, the bride's maid dress she had made in the final challenge and the wedding dress, which I thought was adorable (and in hindsight is probably what Bjork had wished her designer had created for her) and although when I saw all the looks come down the runway I could see a cohesive collection, it just wasn't a "winning" collection to me.

Next up was Korto. I have liked her throughout the show but became increasingly worried that she had become the "crier" of the show. If there's one thing I hate it's a crier (remember Andrae from Season 2? UGH!). I liked her design esthetic but toward the end of the season she seemed to be falling apart little by little. The one thing I knew from Tim's visit to her studio where she was working on her collection was that she was going to bring more color to the finale than any other designer had ever brought (from a bold perspective). When her models came down the runway there was no denying Korto's talent...talent for a pleat. I get that she was going for Africa meets America but those pleats on every piece tended to get boring to me. Of course those who feel she should have won have yelled at me continuously that it was her style choice for this collection and that I don't know anything. I loved the color, the fans and did feel as though her collection was cohesive and very pretty.

Throughout the season I've felt that Leeanne was sort of one of those nerdy girls from high school who seems afraid of her shadow as she sits for hours and hours not ever being asked out but making her sewing machine her boyfriend. There were very few "WOWs" from Leeanne but she did seem to have a new perspective during the season with her architectural sense about fashion that always managed to keep her "in." When her fashion show began in "the tents" hers was the only one that from the first look rounding the corner had me doing that semi-gay intake of breath that only exhales with the word, "pretty." Although I felt (like the judges) that if I saw one more "petal" I was going to scream, the fact of the matter was that she was the only one who showed a little bit of everything, dresses, blouses, pants, shorts, basically anything that could have a petal put on it.

So the finale was not the nail biter that they have been in the past but Project Runway continues to deliver the same finale result. If you're the designer who is a bit off or seems as though you're bringing something that makes a regular person say, "What the hell is that?" then it's deemed fashion of the highest order and awarded the big prize. Such was the case once more when Leeanne for her petal pushing designs took the top prize. True to form, there was no screaming, just a well up but not overflow of tears, just the girl left home on prom night feeling vindicated.

I'll continue to love me some Project Runway and I'll continue to watch every season they make it, my hope is just that they find some designers for next season who have the energy and television appeal of the Austin Scarlett's of seasons past because although it's about fashion, it's always good to have a little drama to keep us glued (or sewed as the case may be) to our televisions week after week.


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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Trish, I'm right with you on most of what you say. Although I tend to think that Kenley has some major issues and that her choosing to strike before she was hurt is definitely something for her and her analyst (If she ever gets one) to work out.

      Christian was the "fierce" guy and indeed he went on to win...Season 4.


    • trish1048 profile image

      trish1048 9 years ago

      Hi Scott!

      I so love Project Runway!  I hope it never goes off the air.  This season I prayed for Kenley to leave, and thank God she did.  Not to say her work wasn't nice, but her whole personality turned me off.  I hated her voice, it had a constant whine to it, not to mention, she was very rude to Tim and the other contestants.  She could care less about any advice given to her and she exhibited a 'better than you' attitude.  Good riddance I say.  My choices for winner were both Karto and Leanne, I liked both their looks. 

      On the other hand, I adore Tim Gunn :)  And my all time favorite contestant was Santino Rice from season two.  I also liked the kid who kept saying 'fierce' throughout one whole show, and I don't remember which season or whether he won or not.


      Thanks for sharing this hub, it's nice to meet a fellow Project Runway fan :)