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How To Become A Famous Rockstar With Promotion

Updated on February 23, 2014

So You Want To Become Famous? Which Way Now?

Presumably if you are reading this you have already got your band together and are getting set for the music circuit with all your material close to hand. Instructing you in how to become a rock star isn’t easy, therefore, so I have broken the answer down into three separate articles that are linked at the base of the article. As a start you need good instruments, a unique sound, great group dynamics and strong relationships within a co-operative band environment. It is essential for all band members to have the desire to become famous. The will of the whole band has to be centred on achieving this aim whatever the costs may be. This means promotion. Promotional bands are successful bands. Do you think you are this type of band? Are you a team player and committed to becoming a Rock Star whatever the costs? Well, these articles are for you!

Matt Berninger of The National - A True Rock Star
Matt Berninger of The National - A True Rock Star

Promotional Bands: Your Rock Band Is A Business

In becoming a rock star in a rock band you need to designate certain members to certain roles. This is a team – rather like a football team – each member has his or her speciality or talent. Not everyone can be the striker, but there will be a leader who could bring in the goals or results. To be a rock star, you need to treat the rock band as a business – like any other business. Successful promotional bands designate someone in control of budgets – the business has to pay and run on its own two feet without subsidy eventually.

Someone with a good mind for figures and cost containment is a must. The band will need to trust this person and he or she will need to be transparent in business dealings.

It might be a good idea to have a current bank account set up for the sole use of the bands business dealings. This should be a joint bank account with two signatories to sign cheques etc.

Promotional Bands Manager: Do It Yourself

You need a promotional bands manager who is good at arranging gigs.  When you first start out, you won’t be able to afford a Manager, so you will need to do this yourself.  Take a look at your group members.  Who has assertive qualities, confidence and drive?  He or she needs consistent enthusiasm to keep going, even when knocked with persistent rejection from venues.  They need to be 'thick skinned' to take these knocks - and there will be many!

However, this is a good exercise in self development and will give you great grounding when the time comes that you pay for a Manager.  It is a good way to gain experience so as you don’t get ripped off.  Yes, the music industry is full of sharks just waiting for a niaeve, talented and impressionable band, like yours, to come along.  Be warned and empowered so as you aren’t taken for a ride!

Keep Music Alive!

  • Keep music alive!
  • Don't kill creativity!
  • Don't Illegally Download - buy it, try it and like it!

BBC Radio 6 Music are sentenced to death. This is a cost cutting exercise! The establishment wins again by denying opportunity to working class talent!

People power can fight to keep niche music alive. Don't let the establishment deny us the musical talent of ordinary folk! We don't have the same opportunities that those in the establishment have!

Please take the time to go and join 6 Music Protest Group on Facebook -

Thank you.

Rock Band Funding And Grants

You have to learn to be a bunch of entrepreneurs. In this business venture, you will need to have a business plan drawn up. This gives your Rock Band direction and can help you with access to funding.

Charities like Strummerville has been set up to help bands like yourself. They help with transport to gigs, mixing in studios and connections with those in the music industry. This charity is in honour with the principals of Joe Strummer of the punk band, The Clash and has connections with people like Damien Hirst and Mick Jones amongst many others. Tunited offers similar help and is the newest in the realms of help for new talent. If you have a business plan, therefore, you are already prepared to justify why you are deserving of such funding.

If you want to learn more about the charity Strummerville, please click on the link at the bottom of this article. There are also many more links to funding that is worth investigating too. All has been placed in the resource box.

Creativity Works!

  • Grants of up to £5,000 are avaliable for local artists and Creative and digital Industries across South Yorkshire to start up or expand their businesses. No Deadline. For details call Carol Forrest, Economic Development Projects Officer, Barnsley Development Agency on 01226 784454


Strummerville's Mission Statement

Midge Ure the founder of
Midge Ure the founder of

'Tunited is a new community website for independent music founded by Midge Ure.'

Business Plans For Grant Submission

You might even try and access funding from the art’s council, The National Lottery and/or local initiatives. Examples of such Rock Band initiatives is the Heaven 17 project in Sheffield and/or funding from the Edinburgh council. Whatever, the source, they are all worth pursuing even if it means that you move to the funding area.

As I said, the will of the whole band has to be centred on achieving the Rock Star aim whatever the costs may be. This can even mean sacrificing your home town for another – yes, you have to sacrifice more than what you think. To become famous in a successful Rock Band means that this has to be first priority in your life. It requires sacrifice and determination. Make your applications and submit your business plan or resume.

Ensure that your business plan provides evidence of all contacts that believe in you and supports your talent. You need to demonstrate that you are popular, worth the investment and proven commitment. Such ‘thumbs up’ to your music can come from the Internet. We will be looking at social networking and the Internet in another article. You will see the highlighted link at the bottom of this article.

Promotional Bands Are Successful Bands

Promotional bands are successful bands. This is because they are promotion and business led. Success is never over night. Rock stars become famous purely through strategic business moves, hard slog and experience. Good resumes, business plans and focus can help achieve fame. However, the key is about group entrepreneural skills that lead to access to funding, promotion and reputation (developing a fan base). We shall be looking more into this in the other articles highlighted below, but will leave you with this... When we talk about how to become a rock star we must keep in mind that it requires 10% talent and 90% promotion. Now with this in mind please read all about the Internet and networking your band in the next article in the series. Oh, you might also like to learn tips from the video below - all about business plans!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

Make Me A Rock Band A-Store

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Business Planning


Use this article at your own risk. This article does not give financial or mortgage advice, neither does it give legal opinions.  Any action or outcome that may result from this article is the sole responsibility of the reader.  This and all my articles assumes no responsibility or legal claim against them.

© 2010 shazwellyn


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    • profile image

      business loans 

      6 years ago

      It is cool that people are able to get the personal loans and that opens up new possibilities.

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Great Britain

      Thanks Neil, I know a few of those great bands - so much talent and not enough recognition. I guess some people arent creative AND buisness minded! This is why you need a good balance in a band. Thanks for you valued comment :)

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 

      7 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      So true - those who know how to promote win. There are so many very talented musicians who are even better than many of the famous ones who have no clue how to promote. Good hub!

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Great Britain

      What a great site! Maybe you could write about it in a HubPages article!! It is professional and user friendly. Well done arnosspot - you will achieve great things!

    • arnosspot profile image


      7 years ago from france

      I'm new on Hub and saw your articles on band/music promotion. Being in a band in my early days I still see myself asking for gigs or exposure. We just did our tricks and it worked out well, but I was always asking myself what was missing. I guess it's the internetsite I've just started (end 2010) that gives a worldwide exposure and gigs on the way: a platform where virtual and real world benefit from each other. It's a fully new pattented concept. You might be interested as well, just take a look and tell me what you think: And if you like it I hope you will spread the news.


    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      LeanMan... we could always get you to do a Bez (Happy Mondays).. he couldnt sing or dance (which he is famed for) either. Oh... I like cats.. it might give a bit of diversity to music? Remember you have to think outside of the box! (didnt the cure do a song called the love cats?). The point is, that anything is possible - just let your imagination go wild and you will be surprised at what comes to be.

      Thanks for your support mate!

    • LeanMan profile image


      8 years ago from At the Gemba

      Great hub, I always wanted my own rock band when I was younger, but with zero musical ability and a voice like a choir of cats on heat I never got to realize my dream. However it now looks like none of that would hold me back...

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Billy - I have never seen that movie but will look out for it. I have links to the music scene - festival frenzy and all.

      McClaren - marketing genius that helped to rock the world! He knew how to do it!!!

    • billyaustindillon profile image


      8 years ago

      Another one of your great musical hubs - I was thinking of Mark Wahlberg from the movie Rock Star. Very appropriate with Malcolm McClaren passing not long ago.


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