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Pros and Cons of Being Famous

Updated on April 15, 2020
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The writer is a dedicated article writer, who loves music, films and celebrity gossip.

Pros and Cons of Being Famous
Pros and Cons of Being Famous

At one point or the other, most of us have desired fame. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be recognized world over?

However, being a famous celebrity (like most things in life) has its own upsides and downsides. Let’s take a look at them.

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What are the Advantages of Being Famous?

Here are major advantages that come with being famous:

1. Celebrities Receive Preferential Treatment Anywhere They Go:

Somebody like Zendaya Coleman or Bruno Mars will definitely receive special treatment over other clients at a restaurant or theatre. And that is not surprising at all. Celebrities get to enjoy special seats at events, eateries, and basically everywhere they go. I’m certain that most of you wouldn’t mind receiving preferred treatment at nightclubs, hotels, award functions and many other places.

2. Famous Personalities Are Generally Wealthy

One of the most obvious benefits of gaining fame is the fortune that accompanies it. Celebrities tend to be richer, in general, than average people. Many of them have luxurious houses and vehicles, pricey garments, fancy presents and many other materialistic pleasures. Some of the richest celebs like Johnny Depp even own whole islands. But, the wealth potential of celebrities usually depends on their location. For instance, celebs in the United States are richer compared to those in third-world nations.

3. Superstars Are Acknowledged Wherever They Go

Famous people generally receive recognition wherever they go. That’s an upside because it comes with an immense ego boost. It can be an excellent chance to boast to a companion, though most prominent celebrities overcome the initial boost to their egos fast. But, honestly speaking, getting spotted and photographed by people is bound to be an exhilarating feeling.

4. Getting Fans From Different Parts of The World

A fan is a person who adores a famous celebrity. Fans can have crushes on the famous people they adore or exude real life admiration toward them. The fan mail, direct messages and other types of appreciation that superstars get from fans can be a source of inspiration and motivation. Who wouldn’t want to have a huge fan following?

5. Fame Is A Gateway to Numerous Opportunities

When a person gains fame, they have access to more opportunities that may be related to their career or not. For instance, several prominent basketball players end up becoming the face of popular sporting brands. Additionally, a musician or actor can dive into newer businesses such as opening a perfume or clothing line. Without a doubt, becoming famous opens multiple doors in one’s life, which might have never opened up without the fame. Many stars enter into entrepreneurship after attaining a footing in stardom.

What are the Disadvantages of Being Famous?

1. Celebrities Are Unable to do Things the Average Person is Able to Do Freely

What do you think would occur if Justin Beiber walked down to a grocery store on a regular day? He would most likely be mobbed and hounded by passersby for selfies and autographs. Famous personalities are usually not able to lead normal lives like the average Joe. They are often forced to lead secluded lives away from the world. That is a huge disadvantage of being a celebrity, and it can bring a feeling of frustration. Famous people are left out on the simple life pleasures like playing sports at local neighborhood courts, doing shopping at malls, riding a bicycle at a park etc.

2. The Stalker Problem

The online web is constantly filled with stories of celebrity stalkers that have gone bonkers. Celebrities are frequently followed or harassed via email, social media or phone by fans that have gotten out of control with obsession. The unhealthy obsession can lead to threats or even physical assault.

3. Fake Friends

When you’re famous it can be really difficult to distinguish between a genuine and a fake friend. Many famous personalities gain fake friends, who are just with them for personal gain. Undoubtedly, it can be nerve wrecking to have to scrutinize every person that enters your life.

4. Constant Judgment

Celebrities are under constant judgment from magazines, bloggers, tabloids, and social media influencers on their physical appearance, personalities, behavior, etc. Reading insulting, offensive, demeaning or derogatory remarks about oneself is the norm for most celebrities. All the hateful comments can have a negative effect on a celebrity’s life, and wonder many of them take drugs.

5. A Lack of Privacy

If someone like Kendall Jenner puts on a bikini and goes to a public beach, the whole world will know about it. If her half-sister, Kim Kardashian, goes to the local supermarket on a normal day, photos of her will be splashed all over the net. If Hugh Jackman gets into a fight in a public establishment, the entire world will hear about it. Being famous comes with the disadvantage of having no privacy.

Now that you know the pros and cons of being famous, do you still want fame? Let me know on the comment section below.

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