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Psychedelic Shack

Updated on September 2, 2015

Psychedelic Shack

Volume 5, Issue 10, February 19, 2014

The era leading up to high school graduation was a time of free loving hippy oriented influences with peace, love, and not war issues at the forefront in the era of time; and the repercussions of the Vietnam War was on the doorsteps of the nation.

So many people were affected or impacted during this time of the Vietnam war, that it left some people with a bitter taste in their mouths. It was because of the Vietnam War and what it represented, and the countless lives it took and affected; and some others still had a wonderful memory of this colorful time in history. It was a time that could be labeled as to those people in development of technology who were, and who are the baby boomers of this era. These baby boomers were in a zone all their own. So much of this era was exciting and volatile, even though these events and issues that were barely hitting the media circuit, and this was an overwhelmingly tumultuous time.

It was a very tumultous time when the civil rights movement was in high gear in and out of the city, that went and covered most areas to and from every state in the nation in the United States of America.

Influences by the loving hippy and flower power innovators, ralliers, and believers who wanted peace, love, and harmony in their lives without the threat of going or being drafted for the war was the issue at the core of this movement.

This era had a dramatic and far reaching impact with the music industry and moved the nation with a fierce and dramatic infusion of differentials, that it sparked industries like the printing, fashion, entertainment, media, and newly formed businesses who could not get enough of this amazing time-warp.

Psychedelic Posters, music, decals, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and records were swiftly moving in and out of stores, so fast moving and immeasurable, that merchandise stores and retail outlets were running out of stock. People were moving into and out of the marketplace at high speed; that the hands of consumers were sweaty from the transactions and it was hard to keep track of all the merchandise, in addition, to the events unfolding in the streets and in the news.

Many events surrounding “Freedom of Speech” erupted in the streets and it was a vibrant and alluring part of this colorful era. This is when the people of the “Woodstock” era voiced and formed organized rally’s spoke of freedoms, civil programs, federal protections, and equal access to educational programs were all of it was at issue in naming just a few of the issues and for most of the century to come where it has continued to be in the media limelight.

I was a high schooler with the influences and development of the hippy movement, the Civil Rights movement, the Labor Movement, the Equal Educational Access Movement, and others that caught the attention of the World including; the Nixon conspiracy, Woodstock, and a few other amazing events of the era were taking place.

During this time, the most profound and memorable concert in history was "Woodstock." It was where the hippy movement raged on and people from all over the world converged, mixed and mingled with each other and most notably showed off more than what the world was ready for "bare chests, skin, sex, booze, and drugs." It was the time of an awakening and nudity was introduced into society with a fierce and unknowing vengeance. Woodstock was where the great entertainers of yesterday took the music and entertainment industry to a new and more provocative level than they had in years past. It was the birth of nudity in music videos that did not and was not allowed since "Elvis Presley" gyrated on the stage.

I would often join my friends and the fad at the time was to join them in the psychedelic shack, as we called the little rooms filled with drug paraphernalia and posters where records were played and the music was blasting the sounds of the time. The number one music entertainers of the era were “The Rolling Stones, the Doors, The Who, Jimmy Hendrix, and Janis Joplin” to name a few.

I was used to seeing my classmates joining up with and developing a love for the loving hippy movement because it quickly transitioned into drugs, booze and sex, were it was all the thing of the era; and they flourished among all factions, not only the poor.

Many of my friends overdosed and some of them did not make it out of the drug scene and soon passed away from overdoses. I remember this one incident that stands out in my mind, it actually impacted my life in such a way to deter me from drugs and addiction, it influenced the way I looked at myself and others in ways unimaginable and in ways imaginable when it came to the lifestyle that many of my friends took. My friend was always high, when she came to school, she was high, during lunch she would get high, and after school she would get high. One day when she was leaving school and she was so high that she was not seeing straight nor was she in sober state that she could safely walk by herself, that she strolled and walked into and out of the street between cars and she was walking without looking for traffic; well it did not take long, she got ran over by a car during a drug induced stupor. I was unable to go and see her after the accident but when she returned from the hospital to her home, which was a very long time, when she came out to her home unrecognizable. Her face changed due to her injuries and her body was changed and was recovering from serious injuries. The accident left her facial features different and scarred, her body on one side was twisted up and her hip and back were twisted up in the wreckage that it left her with one side two to three inches shorter than the other side. Unfortunately, the accident left her a mangled mess.

The scene was drugs galore, booze galore, and sex galore, when it transformed from its predecessor the love and peace movement; it was at the forefront of the time. However here is some “Food for thought” of what could happen during a drug induced event in looking at the above circumstance.

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