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Psycho Pass Anime Review

Updated on January 1, 2015


Psycho-pass is an anime produced by "Production I.G". This was a superb and stupendous anime in my books, definitely would give it 9.5 out of 10 stars and would recommend it to anyone looking for a thought provoking and psychological themed shows to watch. There is enough nail biting action, suspense, enigmas and gore to keep you on the edge of your seat. The series is 22 episodes in length - concise enough to actually finish unlike other anime which literally run for what seems to be forever. I would definitely suggest this series to the adult/mature audience as this anime in particular will resonate well with you philosophical thinkers.

The story follows the protagonist Akane Tsunemori and her enforcer Shinya Kogami and also other members of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division. The world is set in a futuristic environment and established in place is an omnipresent and authoritarian system known as the "Sibyl- System", which supposedly has the capacity to scan an individual's mental state and if a person's mental state is deciphered as "criminal" this individual is subject to enforcement action. Meaning the appraisal of the Sibyl System will dictate the type of enforcement action necessary, whether to tranquilize and rehabilitate or worst case scenario if the Sibyl System asses the person as to dangerous, than execution would be the route taken. ( Weapons used by Public Safety Agents are called "enforcers", operates something like a plasma or laser gun)

As the story progress we find Akane faced with a ton of moral dilemmas and complex issues. She soon finds out that the Sibyl System is not as perfect as one thinks. In essence the Sibyl-System is the God governing society as a whole and any form of rebellion or disobedience will be dealt with severely. The first flaw is seen and arises when a supposed criminal is found beating down an innocent civilian(female) to death with a hammer out in the open in front of the public, and the rest of the bystanders go on with their day and even some watching as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Crazy huh? This occurs because the Sibyl-System could not appraise the criminal's mental state therefore in the eyes of Sibyl-System this person is like any normal citizen as his state of mind does not exhibit stress, hostility, or determinant. So in other words this person's criminal behavior is invisible to the Sibyl-System. Also these people cannot comprehend what is happening as the nature of this violent act was most likely never seen before by the average citizen, thus they shrug and go about their day. Being exposed, immersed and indoctrinated by Sibyl's ideologies also played a factor as people will only accept what Sibyl considered "bad or wrong", hence the calm and tranquility in the midst of this horrendous act.


Antagonist and Plot

Makishima is the mastermind behind pulling all the strings of the disruption, murder and chaos Sibyl-System faces. He too cannot be detected by the somatic scans of Sibyl. His main cause and aim is to uproot and completely destroy Sibyl-System. Although one can argue he may not be far off the mark in his desires to eradicated a flawed system, however his methods and ideologies of doing so are distorted. After all the Sibyl - System is equivalent to dictatorship or totalitarian government, Sibyl so to speak casts an individual's destiny via a simple somatic scan and this infringes on a person's individuality and free will.

As the story reaches it climax a disturbing revelation is revealed regarding the Sibyl System's secrete. The deep dark secrete is Sibyl is made up of a bunch of brains and is continually improving itself by acquiring more brains or similar minds. These "brains" are of intellectuals and Sibyl makes an attempt of trying to negotiate with Makishima to join him as their minds think alike. Makishima declines the offer and goes about his plan of bio-terrorism in order to utterly damage Japan's economy and in doing so bring the Omnipotent Sibyl System crashing down.


Shinya Kogami mentioned earlier, who is an enforcer and answers to Akane. He is on a mission to kill Makishima and end all the madness he has caused once and for all. Akane on the other hand operates differently and has no desire in killing Makishima but wants to bring him in alive. As Akane believes in rehabilitation and also that all people in essence have good intentions. Kogami has his way and uses a semi-automatic handgun to get the job done as the "enforcer" weapons are of no use against Makishima since they cannot judge him. After a long and intense chase Makishima is found on his knees on the floor in a reflective state, keep in mind he is NOT begging for his life but is in a retrospecting state. Kogami is right behind him gun drawn and pulls the trigger killing him execution style. After that Kogami disappears and the Sibyl System remains as the authoritative power. Akane is promoted as a leader to her division and the series ends with a batch of new candidates on scene of an operation including one who looks strikingly similar to Akane.

My thoughts, input and opinion? This was an incredibly well written and directed anime. I was truly impressed. Gut wrenching scenes and thought provoking thoughts - what else can I say other than I hope there is more, and by popular demand there is a season 2! All in all I would defiantly consider this a masterpiece and one of the top 10 anime of the year of 2013. Again, I would recommend this to anyone, and I mean anyone, even if your not into anime. This one in particular is different and you won't regret watching it that's a promise! I typically am not into anime but series like this do deserve its due accreditation, recognition and respect. So for anyone looking for a series in the days to come give this one a try.


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