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Updated on December 7, 2009




a word that means
an in depth
and close up
study of the
mental health
of an individual
in crisis??
I'd rather read
about them in the news
or watch it from afar
if I'm going to
analyze a "PSYCHO!!"
there is something
anal in that word analyze
and if he or she is Psycho
analyze this:
if I were to get
too close he/she
just might
slit my throat
or strangle me with
their bare hands
or shoot me with a
fully loaded
the closest I want
to get to a psycho
is on a motor-psycho
going the other way
long ago
the shrinks
actually put
two words together
that have always
baffled me
what is logical about
a psycho who acts
on impulse and wreaks havoc
one road I never want to
walk on is a Psycho-path
or a
I picture dark woods
full of hooded eyes leering
out of the bushes
with chain saws and
razors at ready
I might suggest
an island someplace warm
around the equator
for all the psychos
to live on and
analyze each other
a psychotropic paradise
the language could be
a form of
in other words
and the psychodrama
acted out there daily
could be analyzed by all
on some reality T.V. show
for adults only of course
it might just psyche out
the little ones
we could enjoy those
psychedelic sunsets
at the beginning
and then watch
the psychodramas unfold
nightly in psychotic
fashion before us
safely ensconced
in our recliners
hundreds of miles away
Come to think of it
isn't most television
already at that point
for example 20
masked men wooing
an insecure lady
under the direction
of an anal retentive
cigar insert-er
who will soon release
a new hit called
practicing safe sax
on Capital records
then there are six
people eating huge
bugs and worms
and cow rectums
while trying to beat
each other's ingesting
jumping off buildings
and crashing cars
and drowning themselves
in chains and locks
psychoanalyze that!!



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    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      it is indeed a puzzle, nice hub thanks for the take on this difficult of subjects

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Quite a psycho-logic riff. It recalled to me one of my favorite movies--One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and one of my favorite characters, Randal Patrick McMurphy.