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Punjab 1984: Film With The Most Memorable Scenes Witnessed

Updated on August 6, 2016

Overall Rating: 9.1/10

Punjab 1984 is a film based on the sensitive tension between Sikhs and the Indian Government in the 1980s. The film's opening scene is epic. A group of Sikhs are lodged inside the Golden Temple in Amritsar. A mother is crying as her son is dying of thirst. She tries to venture out to get water as no one else in the room wants to. An old man stops her and does the brave task of going out. He grabs the water but is shot by the many Indian Army Snipers inside the Temple.

Going by the opening scene, the rest of the film is filled with memorable scenes.

  1. The hero (Diljit Dosanj) kills his enemy by burying the guy's head deep inside sand. Yes. The guy suffocates to death.
  2. The hero then proceeds to kills the Villain (Pawan Malhotra). The Villain is the Inspector of Police, a corrupt one. The hero enters inside a wheat truck and takes his antagonist by surprise.
  3. He finally kills his antagonist by bending an iron beam by his strength around the guy's head. He then strangles the guy with all his might.

The film is filled by such incredible scenes that make it a must-watch.

The script is enjoyable and long enough (2 hours 40 minutes). There are times when you think the script is getting predictable and then it surprises you. At one such point in the climax, the hero sits with his friend by the river singing songs of going back home. You think the film has neared its end. That's when the friend is shot in the head and the film takes you by surprise.

Diljit Dosanj is brilliant and larger-than-life. His intensity is flattering and creates envy.You will not see an actor as good as him. He manages to show romance, love, emotion, bravery and of course, action as a professional veteran.

Kiron Kher deserves huge accolades for her role as the mother. She plays a quintessential mother who longs and fights for her missing son. She is emotional and can bring tears to your eyes.

Pawan Malhotra plays the Villain. He is at par with Diljit in capturing the audience. I have yet to see a good Villain like Pawan is in this film. He has understood the nuances of being a corrupt Police Officer. On top of that, he plays it to perfection.

There is a scene in the film which can rival some of the best scenes in movies. The Villain brings the Hero and many others to an open field. He intends to kill them. But he does not shoot them in the head. He asks them to run as in a Fake Encounter. On having the chance to shoot Diljit, the Villain's gun malfunctions. Diljit overpowers Pawan and his associates and runs. He escapes with two survivors. A chase ensues in the crop fields which has brilliant cinematography. The camera movements through the fields and capturing of the characters is of the highest quality. I have yet to see such good cinematography in a film.

The cinematographic vision shines again in the film. The hero's friend is being shot. His death is shown through the spectacles that the friend had bought. They were for the Hero's mother.The spectacles are thrown on the ground and the killing is shown. The killing is seen as a blurry vision through the glasses. It is subtle yet powerful and a brilliant scene.

I like the effort put in for the soundtrack for the film. There is a song for every emotion and they are well-placed throughout the film. You have the Punjabi song"Allah created light" at the start of the film. It is great song to start the film. The song "Tera Ranja The Heere" plays when Diljit and the survivors are training to be militants. The song is moving and has some brilliant hip-hop styled beats.

A brilliant aspect of the film is the Film Score. The scene where the mother feeds the inspector who has tortured her son. She knows this very same guy committed horrible crimes to her son. The Inspector is moved emotionally at how a mother can be so nice to him. He had tortured her son. It is a moving scene that has the best Film Score in the film. It gives goosebumps and brings tears.

This film should be watched for its-

  1. Brilliant Direction/ Cinematography
  2. Songs that are exceptionally moving
  3. Award worthy performances by Diljit Dosanj, Kiron Kher and Pawan Malhotra
  4. A moving and emotional Film Score

The direction and vision of the film can give you many ideas on creating scenes. The film has exceptional scenes in the script that have been crafted beautifully. The direction has brought those scenes on view and several scenes are larger than life. The scenes in the film are brilliant.

I do recommend this film as it is a brilliant watch over 2 hours and 45 minutes. It has a great buildup and the climax is one of the best I've seen. You have to watch this film as it is the complete film with romance, action and emotions.


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