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Puppy Loving Keanu John Wick Review

Updated on October 16, 2014

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Free Screening for John Wick-Movie Review

AMC Stubs member benefits…free screening to see Keanu Reeves starring in John Wick. I am always ecstatic when I get the invite to see a free screening especially for a movie that I was dying to see. For a week now I have been waiting to see this movie and I have to say that it was everything and then some that I expected it to be. I have always been a fan of Keanu Reeves since the Bill and Ted’s movies. I enjoy watching Keanu on the big screen some say he’s a one trick pony and that’s fair enough I think he’s a smart one trick pony and he has done awesomely well for himself despite some of his critics that aren’t fans. After watching the trailer I was hooked. I love action packed movies, revenge type aggression that causes a man to go off the deep end and kill everyone that get in his way. The movie lived up to the trailer, will not be a let-down but of course this is my own personal opinion with not much influence. Everyone is a critic and with that being said I tend to not be in the group of trending subjects on having high expectations that are so far out of reach even the stars couldn’t manage to give those critics what they are looking for. Overall it was full of action from beginning to end, no real slow points in the movie. They gave us a little of the background story, his wife just died not even three days ago, he gets a puppy from her and the poor thing dies and the guy’s car is stolen. Yeah that would be the defining trigger of some unlucky guy’s fate or let’s say a lot of people’s fate. The head villain in the movie Viggo Tarasov played by actor Michael Nyqvist calls John Wick “The guy you call to take out the boogeyman” and I can honestly say that John Wick lived up to that description in full detail. Gun shots to the head and chest multiple shots off, good fighting scenes. Retired…yeah I don’t think so. Can a man who has lived that kind of lifestyle ever retire?

Thanks to being an AMC Stubs member, I can rate this puppy-loving Keanu film- “John Wick” a rating of 10 out of 10!

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