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Actresses Rejected at First in Hollywood

Updated on November 1, 2015

The World of Hollywood

The world of Hollywood is a cutthroat world. People in it that are auditioning are treating as if they do not matter. It is nothing to one of the casting directors if their feelings are hurt. The casting directors themselves can be mean and very spiteful. If the person does not play along they can get told to go home.

You might be surprised to find out who really had a difficult time when they first came to Hollywood. It is as if just about everyone had a hard time when they first started out.

They are sometimes looking for girls or women that have an average look to them for the movies and TV. So the idea that they have told women to go home that did not look like what they wanted, gets a little ridiculous. It is just an idea that the casting person has in their head or someone else about what a girl or a woman should look like. It is not something that is realistic at all in some cases. They can then find other women. Everyone does not fall into the categories that they have in mind.

Movie Actresses

Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof movie
Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof movie | Source
Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren | Source

Classic Beauty Actresses

Elizabeth Taylor was a beautiful actress. She was a famous beauty and an Oscar winner. But when she first started out as a child actress she went to see a casting director. That casting person told the people in charge there at the studio that Elizabeth Taylor just did not have it. What she told them was that there was just nothing there in her eyes. She was also told at first that her hair was too black.

It of course, was not true as Ms. Taylor went on to have many acting jobs. One of her first jobs as a child actress was the young girl that made quite a splash in the Jane Eyre movie.

Later of course, people picked on her weight. As another guy said, she was only then a size 12 that is the size of most American women.

Ingrid Bergman was a great actress in Hollywood. When she first came to Hollywood there was a story that the crew was a little surprised about the size that she was then. There is an article about her liking the ice cream in the United States.

Sophia Loren was a new actress from Italy when she first came to the United States to work in Hollywood. The cameraman complained about her according to sources. "I can't do wonders you know," is what he said or a similar remark

Brigitte Bardot was famous in France and starting to make a sensation in the US. It is said that some of the women in France had a discussion talking about her and said that she looked just like a maid. The French can be rather hard on their stars.

Mr. Blackwell who did the best dressed list had something to say about her also. He said that she looked like a buxom milkmaid reminiscent of a cow wearing a girdle and both have the same amount of acting talent.

Faye Dunaway also had someone give her a bit of a problem when she was first auditioning in Hollywood. It was a woman casting director. The casting director had told her that she was not going to get anywhere in essence for not being good looking enough.

I was a body double for Faye Dunaway for one day and extra.

A writer in Hollywood referred to Marilyn Monroe as having a fat butt. There are remarks like that now about her having been heavy. She would gain weight after a film but then take it off. It does not seem to be true that she weighed more than others.


Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot | Source
Faye Dunaway
Faye Dunaway | Source

Actresses Told They Weren't Pretty Enough

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon | Source

Actresses of Today

The list really goes on and on for people that have had people tell them that they would not be able to make it. People are just plain jealous also. These are just some examples.

Winona Ryder has been in the news lately about her looks. She tells of a time when she first started and what a person she was auditioning for said to her. He told her that she was not pretty enough and that she should go back where she came from. That is pretty rude of course. But it is not all that unusual. She has been working quite steadily in Hollywood.

Melanie Griffith is famous in Hollywood. She said that they started asking her if she was worried about making more movies when she was 35. She is now on one of the ugly people lists. I don't think that will exactly make her day. It looks as if it is because of some plastic surgery.

Heidi Klum was told when she first began looking for modeling work that she was not the right type. They told her that she did not look like the type that they wanted.

Parker Posey is one of the famous actresses now. I think she can be very good at it. I know the crew said one day that she was not remembering her lines. The crew complains a lot sometimes.

I was surprised to see that Reese Witherspoon is also ringing in on this. She was saying that when she first went to Hollywood, they were all telling her that she was not tall enough and not pretty enough. She is doing very well now. She is extremely popular and was on the list for the most popular actress. Men see her as being having the best hair in one survey.

She was in one of the movies as the star that they had been screening for film extras and being very fussy and rude. There was a fat female casting director screening for people that were perfect.

Kirstie Alley has more recently been called a dancing pig on "Dancing with the Stars" by George Lopez comedian. She had gained some weight and then lost it. I know that she will get through it.

I read recently that also Kat Dennings from "2 Broke Girls," was told at first that she would not make it in show business. You can see that she has done fairly well.

It should really give hope to many or to all of us. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And so it goes. A lot of the problems that those actresses had in Hollywood would just have made them try harder. They are fairly strong and really not that sensitive. That is for many of them. They are quite conceited in the first place. Sometimes they have to break the conceit down a bit to be able to work with them.

Women's Looks

So what can we do about this today? We can not take so seriously what others say about us. There are people that are going to criticize you no matter what you look like or do. There are different things that they expect. They are just set in their ways. A different look can be foreign to them. Some of them are just living in the past.

The person saying something to you can be jealous and just trying to put you down. They can want to see a certain look. Many of the ideas that they have are things that are just impossible to achieve. It is difficult to deal with some people that are in charge of auditioning and work. If you keep on in what you want to do, you can get what you want. It is just that you have to look at what is happening and decide what you want to do. Or it could be they answered an ad looking for a beautiful girl. Some of them are not classical beauties. That is what they ask for in the ads for theatrical and movie work. But there is an aura of beauty that they can achieve.

They are looking for size 2 women in Hollywood now. Most women are not that size. They are trying to again say that Marilyn Monroe was little. That is not really true. I have read comments about her before.

Everyone cannot be a star. But there is no reason for people being rude about it. Many of the stars faced a lot of opposition to what they wanted. The people in charge did not just let them get things easily.

People that interview or audition you sometimes just do not like you. They are taking out things on you that made them feel bad. They especially like their position so that they can tell others to go home. You could remind them of someone that hurt them previously. Something about you triggered a bad memory for them.

The stars kept on in what they wanted to do. They had a lot of confidence. You need to have confidence and believe in what you want. They had to fight for what they wanted.

Why did they get where they are or once were? Because they are or were real for one thing. The acting business uses people that push other people's buttons. You look at them and you are interested in what they are doing. They get people's attention. There are some women that could be good looking, but they are not very good at acting. They do not have the emotions for it.

I had one receptionist at an extra agency tell me about my picture that it did not look like me. Of course, it did. I did not retouch it or anything. She resented me using a good picture. She actually tried to take a bad picture. The casting person sent me out anyway. I changed the picture but I should not have had to. I sent others in. You need to learn to deal with them. It is not an agency that has a lot of work now anyway.

I have the information for this hub from different sources of gossip books on Hollywood and gossip columns about Hollywood. The quote on Brigitte Bardot is from the Internet.

Actress Criticism

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