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Put The Pedal To the Metal with these Songs

Updated on October 13, 2013

Driving down the road you sometimes want to have your own playlist when there are too many commercials on the radio or when the songs you are hearing just aren’t what you are feeling at the moment. Here are some songs that are great to have as you drive down the road. Crank up your car stereo and hit the road with these driving songs.

Driver’s Seat-by Snif in the tears this was a one hit wonder band from Britain but what a great song. It isn’t really a song about driving, but about a love that has gone wrong and the reflection of what went wrong. It has a driving beat that makes you want to cruise on down the road.

Born to Run- by Bruce Springsteen it is one of Springsteen’s best known songs. It was released in 1975. It has a classic sound to it (almost Phil Spectorish), but with a rockin edge. Bruce has the song running with great energy all the way through. Bass thumpin, and piano playing accompaniment, and Bruce singing with all his heart. Last, but not least you have the big man Clarence Clemmons giving it soul with his wonderful saxophone playing. It all blends together for one classic song that will have you feeling the wind in your hair.

Life is a Highway- Tom Cochrane created this song on his 1990 album. It reached number 1 in Canada (where he is from) and it got to number 6 in America. I remember I bought a cassette single of the song when it first came out because I didn’t know how his other songs would be like. I did know I liked this song. Mixing harmonica with guitar and pounding drum beats it is a song that makes you want to get in your car and drive all night long. Near the end of the song it has the prominent drum beat with background singers and you wonder if Adele got the idea of her song Rollin In the Deep as an inspiration from Tom.

Born To Be Wild –Steppenwolf released in 1968 and reaching number 2 on the Billboard charts this song is a rock and roll classic. Electric organ, electric guitar, symbols going, this song never stops going. It is a song that although has that psychedelic sound to it never appears dated. It is a song destined to be in everyone’s driving song list for years to come. It will also appeal to all those young rock stars who need to learn how craft a great rock song. This is a good template.

Hotel California –The Eagles had a big hit with this song in 1977. It starts off light and breezy and quickly turns into something that Steven King might have written. That is why the song has been so popular. The song is also so descriptive beginning with the lyrics on a dark desert highway cool breeze in my hair you step right into the song and can picture taking a drive out in California. The last line is also memorable with-you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave the ultimate nightmare.

Start Me Up–No actually a driving song, but with the title of Start Me Up and the thumping rhythm you want to start up your car and go. This song was released by The Rolling Stones in 1981 and the song is really high energy. Mick Jagger and the boys created a memorable song than makes you want to move as well as have your car move.

Runnin Down A Dream–Tom Petty created a song that sounds like it goes from zero to 100 in seconds. The song begins with a great description of heading down the road with the lyrics:

It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down

I had the radio on, I was drivin'

Trees flew by, me and Del were singin' little Runaway

I was flyin'

The song continues to fly all the way through with driving drums and electric guitar. It is the perfect driving song with great imagery.

Graceland –Paul Simon created this gem of a song and it really makes you want to take a road trip to Memphis and see the place Elvis called home. Paul has a song that really has everything wonderful in it. Beautiful lyrics and great music accompaniment create an unforgettable song. The song rolls along and you can see a car heading down the road to forget some bad memory, and to try and great some great memories to take its place. Paul Simon said it was the best song he has ever written, and after hearing it one would have to agree with him.

Ramblin Man –The Allman Brothers Band released this hit back in 1973 it is pure country rock and it reached number 2 on the Billboard Charts. I bought this 45 rpm record when I was about 13 and played it so many times. The songs kicks in really fast and stays that way all the way through. It has a country vibe, but there is some rock in there too. You can feel yourself riding the road with the singer and seeing all the adventures he has found ramblin. My one fault with the song was the end when the guitar solo seemed to go on and on and I had at times thought my record was stuck other than that a perfect song.

Slow Ride –by Foghat made its debut in 1975 and reached number 20 on the Billboard charts. This song has the aggressive sound you want when driving down the road. The electric guitars, slamming drums and a great riff that drives the song along. It is hard not to bob your head to this one.

These are great songs to be played cruising down the road or when you are stuck at the office wishing you could take a ride. These songs will never seem old and each generation will enjoy the adventure in each tune.


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