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Pre-CBS Fenders Too Expensive? Put Your Own Together With Original Pre-CBS Fender Parts

Updated on November 11, 2011
Original '59 "Patent Pending" Jazzmaster Tailpiece
Original '59 "Patent Pending" Jazzmaster Tailpiece | Source
Original '61 Jazzmaster Pickups
Original '61 Jazzmaster Pickups | Source
Original '59 Jazzmaster refinished body
Original '59 Jazzmaster refinished body | Source

Hard-To-Find Antique Fender Parts Available

I've been a Fender guitar aficionado for 40 years. My first Fender guitar was a '57 DuoSonic that was like a baby version of Eric Clapton's first Strat. I've had an on-going love affair with early Fenders for my entire adult life. Back about 15 years ago, I started buying vintage Fender parts on ebay, with the aim to restore and build antique Fenders with all original parts. After doing this successfully a few times, I got involved with a professional Surf Music band, Longboard Ranch, and got busy for the next 8 years with rehearsals, recording and live performances.

My health has forced me to cut back on some of my favorite activities, and I'm awaiting Cardiac Bypass Surgery, which will indicate about 3-months recuperation. I've decided to sell my remaining inventory to fund 3 months of paying bills while unemployed. To motivate quick sales, I've set prices at well-below Fair market values on these items.

A full item and price list is available by email, upon request. See photo captions for email address. The photos are a very brief representation of the kind and quality of parts I'm offering. Owing to how hard many of these parts are, to find anywhere these days, it would be advisable for anyone with an interest, to act NOW. November 11, 2011.


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