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Putting the really? in reality TV

Updated on September 21, 2012

Catch me if you can

A girl can catch me better than Robert "The Pig" Campbell can!!!
A girl can catch me better than Robert "The Pig" Campbell can!!! | Source

In the reality show "Hog Catchers", we see the manly man, Robert Hunter Campbell, as he pushes his sister physically, constantly insults her and any other females, aside, of course, from those whom he is trying to impress (which, inevitably, never happens), as he takes over the lead in the family business. So, maybe he could be excused for being such an idiot because he comes from Texas? That would be insulting to all men, and women, and anyone else from Texas, though! So, what gives, Robert? Are you a closet homosexual, afraid of losing your manly man status to your sister, who has more class in her left nipple than you've ever expressed in your entire life?

Are you getting the same emails?

Ride the snake, the snake is long (Jim Morrison)
Ride the snake, the snake is long (Jim Morrison)

What, did someone complain?

I would really love to know why I am getting between 20 and 200 emails, every single day, for penile extension/growth pills, lotions and serums. Now, i know it don't "hang to the left and slightly below the knee", but heck, it's not like i ever got complaints, and no girls were ever, well, how in the world can you say this without offending someone, some group, or whatever? What i'm trying to say is that no girl that I've "slept" with has ever been compared to a warm glass of water...

So, why all of the emails all of a sudden? Did someone complain? Sure, I've been with some rather loony girls in my time, but i really don't think they'd be behind this - so, it must be an advertising blitz aimed at men over a certain age, or of all ages for that matter, who have certain issues of inadequacy. And, for Christ's sake, there must be a slew of guys actually buying these snake skin oils (pun intended!) and grabbing thee trusty ole' ruler every night...

Maybe they should try shaving themselves before wasting their hard-earned money (yes, again, pun intended!) - many guys don't realize that they have to do some male shrubbery care, just as they insist their wives/girlfriends/concubines/prostitutes shave themselves, or at least go for a decorative buzz cut. When a man properly trims the short and curlies, their member of parliament stands out a lot more! And, presto, no growth snake oil treatments required to purchase!

Hey! Maybe that's how these snake oil penile growth treatments work!? They simply make the pubic hairs recede, making little Billy seem to be a lot bigger than he used to be!

If you want a review of how these things work, well, you ain't gonna get it here!

Do you get penile extension emails?

Do you get an onslaught of penile extension emails?

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    • Marc Babineau profile image

      Marc Babineau 5 years ago from Cornwall, Ontario, The Seaway City

      Thanks, Island Girl!

      I actually have a great filter, these show up in my junk mail - some days i get as much as 800+ emails for penile extension or thickness enhancing snake oil treatments! This just started all of a sudden, too - maybe 3 months ago or so - and i have done the "stop" procedures....

    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Well yikes Marc! Err, I think you need to up your spam filter. I am on gmail and don't get spam or if I do it goes right to the junk filter. Hope your private contract is going well and thanks for the heads up about the url issue.