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Miss Derringer - a bit of rockabilly, a dash of punk makes for a band you need to listen to at least once

Updated on August 21, 2010
Miss Derringer
Miss Derringer

Yes, I was lucky enough to attend Octoberflame 2009: Night 2 at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA which was 1 of 5 Tiger Army shows in 2009! Before that night, I had never heard of Miss Derringer so as I was listening to the first few songs, I kept thinking "Hey, this is pretty awesome!" I remember someone in the crowd shouting a request for them to play "All the Pretty Things" which has since become one of my favorite songs. Liz McGrath (Lead Singer and all around sweetheart) introduced this song as a tune for "those who love to hate and hate to love" which was an intriguing concept and was also something I could relate to. It tells a timeless tale: boy disappears from girl's life, boy tries to return while lying about his whereabouts (claiming he'd been to war), girl doesn't believe him and says she's been spending his money on drinks so she won't cry (in response to his alleged drug problem). I love songs that can tell stories in such a short period of time, and "All the Pretty Things" is a kind of a modern "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" except with a bit of rockabilly, a dash of punk and an unhappy ending. "Click Click Bang Bang" is another great song and a wildly amusing video has been made for it (see below). I'm trying my best to describe their sound it's like Blondie, Johnny Cash, Connie Francis and the Misfits all rolled into one. As you might guess, I bought a couple of their CDs later than night from the merch table and their "Winter Hill" album was in the CD player in my car constantly for several months later. Besides having a relatively unique sound, Liz McGrath did a lot of work on the "Winter Hill" album artwork which I really liked because it was dark and cute. A couple months ago, I was fortunate enough to see Miss Derringer again, this time opening for the Reverend Horton Heat in Lancaster, PA. Their set was amazing as I'd expected it to be but just when I thought I couldn't love them more, they did a cover of the Misfits song "Die Die My Darling" which was spectacular and it was so ridiculously adorable to see & hear Liz screaming DIE DIE DIE MY DARLING in her vintage dress and dainty hat. After their set, I went to the merch table and who should I see there but Liz herself chatting with random people. I was so excited to actually see her up close but was so nervous and shy that I wasn't even going to try to speak to her but then the lady at the merch table said that Liz is really nice and that she'd say something to her for me if I wanted (which of course I did.) Not only did I get to briefly chat with her but she was kind enough to take a pic with me (though it didn't turn out very well because the lighting was rather dim and it was taken on a camera phone). So in summary, Miss Derringer is an eclectic hodgepodge of rockabilly, punk, country, psychobilly, pop and blues --- listening to their music is like adding a generous serving of extra flavor and spice to your day.


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