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Qualities That Every Dancer and Choreographer Must Possess

Updated on March 26, 2018

Being in the field of arts and working as a dancer or choreographer is quite cool and fun-loving job. Some people take it as a part-time job, while others take it extremely seriously and pursue it as a career.

It does not matter how you take this field, whether as a hobby or as a serious career, it is important to have these following qualities to ensure your success and earn fame as a dancer/ choreographer.

1. Athleticism

The dancers must be like athletes so as to maintain their body balance while doing different steps. It helps them from falling and losing their sense of rhythm.

A person is said to have a quality of athleticism when they possess required speed, excellent strength, great movement quality and perfect coordination with the music. It is important for a dancer to bring energy to their each step regardless of the fact that the music beats are slow or extremely fast.

Ballet is the most athletic dance form in the world and therefore, requires practice from a very young age.

2. Creativity

A creativity is one of the most important qualities that every dancer must possess. The dancers, who come up with innovative and feasible ideas, are much appreciated and acclaimed. They need to have creative and artistic potential to express their ideas through the musical movements.

In addition to this, choreographers must also be good in generating new, interesting and innovative dance routines.

3. Interpersonal skills

With so many dancing talents available everywhere, it is important for a dancer and a choreographer as well to increase their network using excellent interpersonal skills that will help them to find better job opportunities.

Moreover, better interpersonal skills also mean better relations with other communities and enhanced reputation among others.

Check out this amazing video. The video does not talk much about coordination, but focuses more on one's own stature and body balance, the most basic and noteworthy thing for a dancer and choreographer.

4. Leadership skills


This skill is extremely important for choreographers rather than dancers. Choreographers must be skillful enough to instruct and direct various groups of dancers to bring perfect coordination in their movements and effectively perform the routines created by them (choreographers).

A choreographer has brilliant leadership skills if they know how to manage their groups and make them perfect enough to accept any challenge using the same strategy as a team.

5. Persistence


Every day comes with a new challenge and something new to learn. It is important to remain committed to one's routine to bring perfection in their dance forms. The dancers must be strong enough to accept rejection after an audition and continue their practice for the future performances.

On the other hand, choreographers must keep learning new routines and creating them to maintain their position in the market.

6. Physical Stamina


There are requirements when a dancer and choreographer need to work whole day long to practice a routine. They need to remain physically active for plenty of hours to rehearse without getting tired. So, consequently, it is important for them to remain physically fit and maintain a healthy body.

A healthy body requires mental stability, balanced diet and regular exercise.

7. Teamwork


Teamwork plays an important role in deciding the actual capability of a dancer. It is mandatory to be in sync while performing in the group that comes out of effective teamwork. Generally, all the dance routines consist of a group, so dancers must be talented enough to work together to achieve success.

While performing in a team, it is expected to respect the presence of every group member and motivate them to perform even more gracefully.

8. Fun-Loving Personality


Dance is a symbol of love, enjoyment and expressing one's feelings through various movements. The more you give to your movements, the better you will be able to express your feelings. It is the duty of a choreographer to bring out this rhythm out of the dancers. For this, it is important to have that perfect and motivational personality which helps the dancer to bring the best out of themselves.

More specifically, a fun-loving personality is everything that a choreographer must have. It is extremely difficult to express oneself fully in a sad and dull environment. To make the surrounding more happening is the work of a choreographer and the dancers must obey.

What, according to you, is the most important quality?

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