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Quality Underrated Horror Films

Updated on January 14, 2017


The following three films are ones that I, personally, feel are underrated and need to be seen by more people. All three films can be classified as a slow burn, and they are more modern films. Enjoy!

The House of the Devil

I absolutely love this film! This film was a slow burning candle that definitely had a great payoff. Ti West's The House of the Devil tells the story of Samantha who takes a babysitting job. That is where I will let this one end. Needless to say I loved the classical horror movie feel of this film. It really was a true horror film treat.

Kill List

Kill List directed by Ben Wheatley is a truly horrifying film. What starts off as a film about a hitman who takes on a seemingly easy job, quickly unravels into things of nightmares. I really can't and don't want to say more about this excellent film without giving too much away. I will say that the ending to this film has stuck with me two years after seeing it. Truly a must see for horror fans.

The Taking of Deborah Logan

Here is definitely another slow burn of a film. The story follows an elderly woman who is battling Alzheimer's Disease who agrees to allow a film crew to follow her. It becomes obvious that something far more sinister is occurring to the title character. This is an intriguing and strong film that I discovered two years ago on Netflix. It held some truly creepy and downright disturbing moments.

Underrated Horror Films

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