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Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin is Getting Married

Updated on January 3, 2012

Aretha Franklin to Wed

Yesterday, the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin announced

that she is getting married and in case you’re wondering – with all due “Respect,” she’s not pregnant - at least, that’s what she told the press.

The Christmas holidays can sometimes make or break a couple. In Franklin’s case, they might have been “Kissing under the Mistletoe” for it was during the holidays that she became engaged to her long-time friend William “Willie” Wilkinson.

The wedding is set to take place during the summer at Miami Beach and the reception is expected to take place on a luxury yacht. So far, there has been no mention as to who will be on the guest list. I suppose it’s a bit too early to have all the arrangements made. However, one thing is certain, and that is that Donna Karan, Valentino or Bera Wang will be appointed to design her wedding gown.

According to Newsday: Franklin and Willie met in 1985. It seems that Willie made an impression on her because a couple of years later, Franklin told Jet magazine “I’m glad that he could make the distinction between the lady and the artist, because a lot of men can’t. I suppose by that, she meant that Willie makes her feel like a “Natural Woman.”

Last year, around the same time, news broke that Aretha was hospitalized and had undergone surgery. At the time, Aretha refused to disclose the cause of her ailment to the press and it seems that she still does not wish to talk about it. However, during this past year, Aretha has lost 85 pounds and says that she is “feeling fabulous.”


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