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"Quest For Camelot" Movie Review

Updated on July 3, 2014

"Quest For Camelot" Movie Poster


My Film Review of "Quest For Camelot"

"Like every tree stands on it's own,

Reaching for the sky I stand alone,

I share my world with no one else,

All by myself, I stand alone."

-I Stand Alone Song Lyrics from "Quest For Camelot"

Love Arthurian legends? Then this is the animated movie for you or your children.

This story has King Arthur, the knights of the round table, Merlin the wizard, powerful and menacing villains, unlikely heroes, and fantasy creatures. King Arthur is not the main hero here though. Instead it's a young woman, a young blind man, a two headed dragon, and a falcon with silver wings that are the heroes in the story. If you have a little boy or a little girl they will likely enjoy watching this if they like fantasy or adventure movies. Girls will appreciate the female lead proving that women are just as strong as men. It isn't overtly feminist as the rest of the characters are still dominantly men though, yet she is still a great change as a hero.

The conflict in the story is the villain attempts to steal Excalibur, King Arthur's sword, to take over the kingdom and it accidentally gets lost in the Enchanted Forest. The heroes in the story go on a quest to find the sword and return it to the king.

The animation here is from Warner Brothers studios and it is pretty smooth and at times beautiful or creepy. There is a noticeable comparison to the female protagonist and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, yet she is the only character that looks like any Disney characters in this movie. Of course Warner Brothers and other studios wanted to outdo Disney during the time frame this movie was made, so the comparisons are a little obvious at times. Such as the singing, the love story, and some similar drawing styles.

The only big downers to this movie is the villain is a little too obvious of a villain based on him being a knight of the round table at one point and he looks evil and demented. I would have expected him to look a bit more "wolf in sheep's clothing" not just a wolf. It would have made sense that the knights and King Arthur would have trusted him at first if he wasn't so creepy and psychotic while working with them. He still could have been a great villain as someone who didn't look the part but later revealed he was the part. Appearances are often deceiving in real life so it wouldn't have been bad to put a non obvious villain into a kid's movie. The other big flaw in this movie is that the two headed dragon is a little annoying and makes too many pop culture jokes or breaking the fourth wall jokes. It would have been much more tasteful and kept the movie timeless to have the two headed dragon just be funny without the pop culture jokes.

If you're a parent looking for movies for your children, this is a good one for the adventurous spirit type kids. If you're an adult who enjoys animated movies, you may not like this one based on some of the downers I pointed out. People or children that enjoyed seeing "The Sword in the Stone" or "The Black Calderon" or "The Tale of Despereaux" will probably like this.

"Quest For Camelot" Film Rating

3 stars for "Quest For Camelot" Film Rating

Kayley, the femal lead in "Quest for Camelot"


"Quest For Camelot" Quotes

King Arthur: "You have reminded us that the strength of a kingdom is not based on the strength of the king, but on the strength of its people."

Garret, the blind male lead, and Aidan, his falcon with silver wings


I Stand Alone Clip from "Quest For Camelot"

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