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Speaking to A Praise and Worship Leader For a Mega Church

Updated on January 24, 2016

Praising God and Staying Humble

An important aspect in maintaining a relationship with God is expressing gratitude through praise. Whether one is solitary or amongst church brethren, worship and praise is essential! In today's culture and with the continuous stream of information on social media sites, churches (especially black churches) have seen lackluster coverage. Unfortunately, the short media clips I observe between tweets and timelines display behaviors that sometime question integrity. However, in existence are great musicians and talented gospel artists that have a "soul purpose" in giving God glorification. Intrigued by the Holy Spirit and how it inspires and manifests itself in various ways, I've reached out to a gospel singer for clarity.

Shawn Bigby is a vocalist for one of the mega-churches belonging to the honorable pastor, John P. Kee. I've heard his voice and was utterly taken by how emotional and sincere he performed. At the time, I was ten years old and he was singing in a small church. He hadn't yet graced the largely growing city of Charlotte, North Carolina. As an adult, I reached out to him for further understanding and insight. I had questions in regards to his career and how he manages to remain humble. Gaining popularity throughout the southern regions of the United States and beyond, I wanted to speak with him about his relationship with God and his music. Below are some of the questions he answered in regards to his position:

How long have you sang gospel and where did the inspiration arise to sing professionally?

"I have been doing this now for over 20 years honestly going all the way back to my days of singing on the childrens choir. My inspiration came from understanding my calling to do what i do. Purpose drives me."

In worship, it is all about giving God the glory. In your preparation before a performance, how do you ready yourself to deliver your message.

"I ready myself a few ways. Prayer is essential and key. Its communication to the one whom we worship. I also rehearse in the presence of God. Meaning I worship privately so I know how to worship corporately. I am comfortable in His presence publicly because I have been there privately."

With television programs that showcase the wealth of pastors and gospel singers, do you find it increasingly difficult to separate world standards from religious standards?

"No i don't because you have to make sure you know what is pushing you and what your goal is. Is it success by mans standards or God's?"

What do you recommend in keeping gospel singers humble and being able to focus on the bigger picture when moments behind the scenes get a little "secular".

"Scripture says let the wheat and tare grow together and God will separate them. Remaining humble can be challenging when you have many people calling your name etc but the best way to do it is to remember where the gift came from and what its purpose is. Also understand that singers now are a dime a dozen. There are gifted people all on IG and Youtube and they are only just a few likes away from being the next thing!"

Who is your favorite gospel singer?

"Bishop Jason Nelson, Kim Burrell, Donnie Mclurkin Fred Hammond and Pastor John P Kee."

Where do you see yourself in gospel and what are your aspirations in five years.

"Ummm... five years I would love to be traveling the world leading worship and sharing Jesus!"
For church goers and/or those who wish to pursue a relationship with God, what words of advice do you wish to impart on readers?

"Make time for Him. Like with any other relationship this one has to be cultivated and nourished so that it can grow!"

Conclusively,Shawn Bigby's words and willingness to share his gift with the world is extremely astounding. His devotion to the Lord and his voice are inspiring. In exploring a relationship with Christ, I hope that all readers can appreciate what a talent we have in our praise and worship leaders. Readers can hear some of his music in the video below I would like to send an additional thanks to Shawn Bigby. I wish you all to continue to flourish in the body of Christ.

© 2016 IrateOrator


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