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R & B's Best Female Groups of All Time

Updated on April 23, 2017

R and B Queens

Destiny's Child consisted of Beyonce Knowles,  Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. Their music is beautiful and has a nice melody.
Destiny's Child consisted of Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. Their music is beautiful and has a nice melody. | Source
The Pointer Sisters are one of the best female artists in the history of  R and B music.
The Pointer Sisters are one of the best female artists in the history of R and B music. | Source
TLC were truly crazy, sexy and cool.
TLC were truly crazy, sexy and cool. | Source
The Supremes began in Detroit, Michigan and they were led by Diana Ross.
The Supremes began in Detroit, Michigan and they were led by Diana Ross. | Source

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Ladies with Rythym

1. TLC: TLC formed in 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia and consisted of Left Eye, Chilli and T Boz. The band holds the record for the highest grossing tour and they are also the biggest selling female r and b artists ever. The voices of this band is awesome awe inspiring to say the very least. They have had nine albums, four of them studio albums and even though they became commercial and mainstream, they stayed true to their roots. My favorite song by TLC is: Unpretty.

2. Destiny's Child: This soulful group started out in Houston, Texas in 1990 just like TLC and they consisted of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. They have dealt with turmoil within the band and had public spats and breakups but through it all they still came together to back jammin hits. My favorite song by this soulful trio known as Destiny's Child is Say My Name. Beyonce went onto even greater fame with her solo career but it all started here.

3. En Vogue: This band began in 1989 in Oakland, California and they still make music to this day. The band is made up of Maxine Jones, Cindy Herron and Dawn Robinson and they had strong voices. Their lyrics and how they dressed and acted gave them the title of Divas. My favorite song by En Vogue is No Fool No More. The dance moves are always excellent and one of a kind to say the least.

4. SWV: Sisters with Voices began in New York as a Gospel group in 1990 and consisted of Leanne Lyons, Cheryl Gamble and Tamara Johnson. They have had fourteen albums, five of which were studio albums and they are the first ladies of the New Jack Swing movement. My favorite SWV song is You're The One.

5. The Pointer Sisters: Bonnie and June Pointer started out in California in 1969 and they are the inspiration for aspiring artists everywhere. They have made soul, rock, R and B, country, gospel and dance songs for over forty years. My favorite song by The Pointer Sisters is Fairytale. They have stayed successful during the 70's, 80' and 90's. Awesome music for people of any age without a shadow of a doubt.

6. Xscape: This band formed in Georgia in 1992 and was very successful throughout the whole decade before disbanding. Sisters, LaTocha and Tamika Scott had very distinct voices which could make you cheer loudly or even cry from the emotion they brought to the stage. My favorite song by Xscape is Feels so good. This band truly made videos that mad you want to dance and bounce around.

7. The Supremes: They started out in Detroit, Michigan in 1959 and with lead singer Diana Ross at the helm they were unstoppable. This band was unique because they were not afraid to show their sensual side while on stage. These ladies were sexy and knew it. My favorite song by The Supremes is I Second that Emotion. Diana Ross had success with and without her group but this is where her skills and talent became apparent to the masses.

8. Labelle: Patty Labelle and company were together from 1959-1977 and started out in Philadelphia. Other than r and b they also were queens of Doo Wop and glam rock if you will. They were the first female performers to mix rock with blues music and they set the gold standard. My favorite song by Labelle is Something in the Air. The way these women dressed and carried themselves is a gold standard for future hopefuls in the industry.

9. Jade: Although they only made 4 albums, many songs made the charts and the albums were full of hits. Tonya Kelly started the band in 1992 in California and their music was as much gospel as it was R and B. Besides their albums they have been on several soundtracks, television shows and they have performed live on a regular basis during the 90's. My favorite Jade song is Keep on Risin'.

10. The Emotions: The emotions began in Chicago, Illinois in 1968 and they still perform in live shows to this day. The three sisters toured and performed with Earth, Wind and Fire on a regular basis which sky rocketed them to the top. That and their deep and often sad R and B ballads. They mixed soul with disco. My favorite song by The Emotions is Best of my Love.

Origination of TLC

The Best of The Pointer Sisters

Destinys Child: Soldier

En Vogue: Free Your Mind

TLC in The South

TLC ruled the airwaves in Alabama during their best years. I can recall TLC being constantly on the radio not to mention MTV and BET. I live in a section of Birmingham, Alabama and the radio station called 95.7 Jamz always played these ladies throughout the day almost everyday.

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    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 4 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      My favorite has to be TLC. They artfully combined R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop in a way that wasn't cheesy or deliberate- it was just a result of their influences. That being said I appreciate the contributions of all the groups on this list and truly wish there were more groups like this making music today. Thanks for such an awesome trip down memory lane!

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 4 years ago from Singapore

      My favorites from this list are Destiny's Child and the pointer sisters. But no arguing, these ladies ALL could sing!! Thanks for a great share! Sharing.

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