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R. Kelly Sees A Decline in Record Sells

Updated on December 30, 2015

Are People Tired of R. Kelly?

When will we say enough is enough? Should actions be excused years later?
When will we say enough is enough? Should actions be excused years later? | Source

Sex abuse allegations may be responsible for decline in record sells

On Monday, Dec., 21, R. Kelly was interviewed by Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani of Huffington Post about his new album, The Buffett. Eight minutes and eight seconds into the interview the mood changed as Tehrani read a live Tweet from @VanteEllis which read, “Would I let R. Kelly babysit my daughter? F*** no. Would I play his music at a family party? Ya gotdamn right”.

The comment was a candid account of one fan’s feelings toward R. Kelly the artist and R. Kelly the alleged child molester. Kelly a Chicago native appeared nervous during the Huffington Post interview.

Kelly warned the interviewer that he would terminate the interview if the questioning continued to lean in a negative direction. Kelly compared the interview to a deposition and was uncomfortable with what he referred to as an interrogation.

Over the years several allegations and attempts to charge Kelly with sex crimes—against minors have failed. In some cases Kelly has provided undisclosed settlement pay outs to his alleged victims. While many people refer to Kelly as an alleged pedophile his alleged crimes would classify him as a hebephile.

Generally hebephile’s are attracted to adolescents, or children who have generally started puberty and or have signs of adult sexual maturation, but are still young and developing both mentally and physically. This classification includes teenagers and preteens between 11 and 14 years old.

In 2012, Tavis Smiley interviewed Kelly who admitted to being a victim of sexual abuse at eight-years-old. He refers to his experience as a generational curse. According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys will experience some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18. Generally a large percentage of individuals who have been sexually abused later become abusers.

During the recent Huffington Post interview Kelly was asked very pointed questions about his sexually explicit lyrics. It’s unclear if the interviewer was attempting to make a correlation with Kelly’s sexually motivated music—and several reports of his alleged sexual misconduct.

Kelly became combative during the interview and showed more interest in going to McDonalds’s for a McRib sandwich than answering any direct questions about sexual abuse—or sexually explicit lyrics. Shortly thereafter Kelly abruptly terminated the interview and walked off the set.

In the beginning of the interview Kelly was eager to promote his new record, The Buffet. He stated that his desire when creating the new record—was to incorporate many genres of music while appealing to younger, middle age, and older fans. One thing that Kelly’s music never lacks is sex in one form or another.

If Kelly’s not bumpin n’ grinding, he’s feeling on yo booty, or going half on a baby. While in other songs, Kelly’s cheating with another man’s wife and gets trapped in the closet. When Kelly is driving he still has sex on the brain—with his song, you remind me of my jeep—and when he’s not waxing it he’s sticking his keys in the ignition.

Sexual innuendos rear, front and center—this is the sexual portrayal that appears to be R. Kelly’s motivation. The alleged sex crazed artist is struggling to sell music—maybe the fans have lost their drive for Kelly. Maybe the genre and the buffet is no longer appetizing to Kelly's short fan list.

R. Kelly fans not interested in any buffet he serves

R. Kelly is struggling to sell his newest record. Are fans not interested?
R. Kelly is struggling to sell his newest record. Are fans not interested? | Source

Buffet not appetizing enough

R. Kelly Interview with Tavis Smiley

Trial R. Kelly Sex Tape

R. Kelly Drama Court Hearing 2008

R. Kelly and underage girls

Do you believe R. Kelly is a child molester?

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