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R&B Love Songs and Slow Jamz

Updated on September 16, 2014

R&B Songs That We All Love

R&B Love Songs That You Can Listen To

What are you favorite R&B songs? What music do you put on to put you in the mood? We all listen to Slow Jams. Below you will find a list of songs that you should put on your slow jams music list. Next time you want to get in the mood then put the cd or music playlist and get to bed early and have fun.

When you have great music you can remember good times. Not much real R&B is out. It is all techno stuff and auto tuned music. I am like Sweet Brown "ain't no body got time for that" I want to feel the emotion in the singers voice. I love to think about being with that someone special and listening to one the r&b singers.

I know people that have conceived children to some of these songs. Be careful with Alcohol cause these can give your beer goggles and then you feel "stupid". Guys you thought you were with Halle Berry and then you woke up with "Halle Scary" or Ladies he started to look "cute" after the third Margarita.

I might have to add the top 25 r&b slow songs. I would also like to make a slow jam list just for the Ladies. R&B is mostly men trying to woo the women. I just think it would be a good idea for a playlist for the ladies. Some of the best slow jams have come from women too. The song "Stroke you up" by changing faces is a classic and that will be on this list.

Play these songs when you are ready to get the mood started. Also remember to have safe sex (lock the door). Lol. Unless you're in a committed relationship and trust that person then protect yourself. I need to hear some good r&b song that just make me want to be with that special person. Make your own r&b jamz playlist and share it with me.

R. Kelly "Sex Me"

"Sex Me" - R Kelly

What is R&B with out the R. Damn this song brings me back. This is a serious song for someone special. R. Kelly just lures the woman in the song. "Come over here and let me take off your clothes. "Things I wanna do to you nobody has to know" What! This song is so explicit but it was written very well and sung with authority. This is still one of the best slow jams. Caution listening to this song with your boo may cause a pregnancy. This is still one of the hottest jams on most urban radio stations at night.

"Sweat It Out"- The Dream

"Sweat It Out" - The Dream

Sweat it out. Sometimes you just to have a good time and forget about it and "Sweat it out". "Girl Get it Get it rock with it" The Dream is an artist who makes you feel his music. I think he loves hard and it shows in his music. I can't wait to see what other slow songs that he has. It seems like the best writers also have the best slow songs. He is a talented artist. I love how he can't take it when she "puts it on him". Ladies can make their man sweat it out too.

"Forever My Lady" - Jodeci

"Forever My Lady" - Jodeci

This song is for that young couple that is just starting to figure everything out and then Bam! A baby is on the way. Stuff just got serious. This song captures the spirit that love conquers all. He is telling his lady that even though you are pregnant I will be there for you and our baby, that is on the way in a few months.. KC and JoJo sang this song you hear me. This is another song that is a straight classic. One of my favorite slow jams of all time.

"Tonight" - Xscape

"Tonight" - Xscape

Kandi from the "Housewives of Atlanta" This song was the cut. Ladies telling her man can she spend some time with him. The ladies killed this song. Tiny from T.I and Tiny also was with the group. Jermaine Dupri brought these young ladies out and they blew up. Men you must have this on your slow jamz mix.

Your lady will appreciate it very much. Get busy with this song tonight. " So let's make love by candlelight and listen to the quiet storm" What! These lyrics are sick. Those southern girls knew how to throw the mack down on and put it on their man. Where are all the female singing groups?

"Make Love To Me" - Lorenzo

"Make Love To Me" - Lorenzo

"I've been thinking about you all day long, humming our favorite song" What a line! This was the jam. The best songs are the ones with the guys that are begging for them. Have you ever reminisced of the night before and you got a shiver in your spine? This song can cause that type of feeling. Lorenzo tells the lady "Girl don't make me wait" "Cause my heart just might break". Lorenzo deserves an for just being blunt about it. The next time the mood is right pour a glass of wine and put Lorenzo's "Make Love To Me". Don't make him or her wait.

"When Will I See You Smile Again" - Bell Biv DeVoe

"When Will I See You Smile Again" - B.B.D.

This song ain't nothing but makeup sex. Guy messed and and know he is trying to get his girl back. The Girl wants to get him back but wants to make him show her he loves her. Girl has the upper hand. He has to beg to get her back. Make up to break up music. This music was just so high school. Play this song and you still can say your sorry and still get the girl too. This is one of the r &b songs that is still played.

"Don't You Wanna Make Love Tonight" - Christopher Williams

Best R & B Songs To Play

Jodeci - Forever my lady
Chaning Faces - Stroke you up"
Loose control - Silk
Silk - Meeting in my Bedroom
Make Love to Me - Lorenzo
Kissing you - Keith Washington
Tonight - Xscape
Say yes - Floetry
Slow Dance - Keri Hilson
Saving All my love for you - Whitney Houston
Make it last forever - Keith Sweat
All I do is think of you - Troop

R&B Slow Jams

"Don't You Wanna Make Love Tonight" - Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams is the king of begging. "Don't hesitate, don't procrastinate" that what he tells. He just leads the woman to the bedroom and then Bim Bam Boom, she is making you breakfast in one of your old T shirts. This song can definitely can get the party started with your lover. This is a serious R&B love song that is ageless.

The Isley Brother "Between The Sheets"

Between The Sheets - Isley Brothers

This song ain't no joke. This is for Grown Women and Men. This song is always on the slow jamz list. Ronald Isley is just spitting game to the lady. She is hanging on to every word he is saying. This song has been sampled by many. Put on this song and have a glass of wine and do what you do "Between the sheets".

"I Want To Be Your Man" - Zapp & Roger

"I Wanna Be Your Man" - Zapp ft Roger

I must make you understand. Ladies when is the last time a man came out and said " I wanna be your man" If he did you probably would look at him crazy. This was the 80's and anything goes.

This is one of the songs on a lot of r&b mixtapes that had crazy slow jamz. Roger just had his own style. He was the hook on Tupac's "California Love". This was back in the day when Jeri Curls were juicy and pants were tight. R&B was on top.

"Knocking The Boots" - H-Town

"Knocking the Boots" - HTown

Bring it back with the Hi-Tek Boots. High top fades and muscles that were rippling. This was how they got down in Miami. This was back in the day when you a guy would say he was "Knocking Boots' that meant he was getting some. This was a one hit wonder for them. Hearing this song can bring back old flashbacks. Wow. H-Town was a group of r&b singers from Down south Florida that were brought out by Luke from 2 Live Crew.


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