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RE: Sh** White Girls Say to Black Girls

Updated on January 13, 2012

It's Human Nature to Stereotype

Psych 101 teaches us that everyone stereotypes - it is how our brains are hardwired. It's human nature to take information and compartmentalize the information into some type of schema. In everything we encounter in our daily lives - we create schemas for information we encounter. Information must be filed - so we choose the most logical or comfortable file to place this information. For example when I see a star and a crescent moon side by side - I think Muslim. When I see a pentagram - I think of witchcraft. I see a couch on the front porch - I think redneck.

The point is - white girls say "sh**" to black girls because they have created schemas somewhere along the course of their lives. They also are probably hoping to convey "oh...heh...I get you....I understand....I want to relate to you!" Of course white girls also hear "sh**" from black girls and black guys! I can't tell you how many times I've been mocked by one of my black friends! My friends mock me by using a high pitched - proper sounding - voice. Is this racist? No! Is this stereotyping? Yes - but that's okay. Somewhere in their life journeys they have related - strictly enunciated speech as belonging to a white person.

The parody talks about white girls using the word "ghetto" to describe something black. I don't think this is true. People who use the word "ghetto" probably don't even have a race in mind. When I hear the word ghetto - I think of shoes strung over electric wires. They aren't a black guys shoes - or a white guys shoes - or a Hispanic guys shoes - they're just a tacky persons shoes! I guess we could all just say "tacky" instead of "ghetto" but that wouldn't be as funny..and remember....we are all just wanting to fit in and gain acceptance.

So....the long and short of it is this - we all talk "sh**" to one another. Gays to straights - straights to gays. Jews to Christians and Christians to Jews. Yankees to Rednecks and vice versa. But what we are generally trying to do is to relate to one another. Isn't this better than the alternative? In the not so distant past...people viewed differences as vile. I say be careful not to be rude - but heh - let's not make other's walk on eggshells. We are all different and just trying to relate.


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    • profile image

      kelleyward 6 years ago

      I saw this on digg or reddit all over the place. Great title!

    • brielise profile image

      brielise 6 years ago

      Great hub! I'm actually watching this on Anderson right now - he's interviewing the girl who made it.

      There are definitely certain words I use that I just grew up using (oh the 90s) and they suddenly became politically incorrect, so now I still use them without really thinking and I'm not trying to use them in a derogatory way at all. That's really the way ghetto is to me and I think your definition is great.

    • chelseacharleston profile image

      chelseacharleston 6 years ago

      The list goes on and on! LOL Entertaining hub