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Tommy Emmanuel True Fire Tutorials Review

Updated on July 21, 2013

The Gift That Keeps On Giving-

I’ll bet if you would have asked a young Tommy Emmanuel what he wanted to be when he grew up he would never have said Cult Hero. They probably didn’t have buzz words back then. The fact of the matter is he just woke up one day and was one. Through committed practice with a larger than average brain and hands Tommy Emmanuel has revolutionized the fingerstyle guitar genre. His legendary technique that has, up until now, only been available from what we could glean from YouTube videos. Well my friends that all has changed with TrueFire’s Tommy Emmanuel Series: Certified Gems & Little By Little video tutorials. What a gift. Thanks Tommy. This series displays the unselfishness of a true teacher and artist. This is a legacy.


Each of these expertly crafted tutorials uses state of the art multi-angle videos with a multitude of options like right hand, left hand, back of hands and tri-view. Controls include looping, syncing, zooming & keyboard shortcuts among others.

The Personal Touch-

In each section of the songs Tommy explains intros, verses, choruses, and outros and the technique he uses in each. There is a little trick he uses in Borsalino that all of us have been playing with unrequired difficulty.

Standard Tab, Notation and Interactive Options-

All pieces contain standard tab and notation available as a printable PDF doc. A FREE copy of Power Tab, an interactive guitar program, is available to allow students to hear the notes being played at any tempo without a change in pitch.

A Guitar Pro file is also offered but requires a FREE internet download. These FREE add-ons are only an option but are not required.

Plug and Play-

The downloads and CDs are hassle free. In my experience the programs are foolproof. They work like they should. The only problem lies in the dexterity of your fingers and the limits of your own tenacity.


Over the years as a guitar player it is sometimes difficult to find new material that can advance your level of playing after you have achieved a certain proficiency with the instrument. A committed fingerstylist might rack over pages of tab only to find they didn’t live up to the original recording or become frustrated with the camera angles on YouTube videos. These excellently crafted artisan tutorials are concise and user friendly. They should however, come with a warning label. THESE ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED OR NONCOMMITTED! This is a black diamond hill…but it is Sooo worth it. Each of the songs are available individually for $6.99 which in my opinion is dirt cheap for what you’re getting.

Certified Gems consists of:

1. Classical Gas

2. Cowboy’s Dream(One of my favorites to play)

3. Mr. Guitar(I’m still struggling with this one)

4. To B or not to B

5. Borsalino(Go for it!)

The “Certified Gems” tutorials can be had for $24 download or $40 as 2 DATA-DVDs. You can’t beat that! “Little By Little” in my opinion contains the most beautiful original compositions ever recorded by Tommy.

Little By Little consists of:

1. Smokey Mountain Lullaby(The first one I bought. Played it in church last Sunday. Fabulous!)

2. Countrywide(I’ve got to learn this one!)

3. The Mountains of Illinois

4. Papa George(Just learned it!)

5. Jack Magic

6. Moon River

7. Ruby’s Eyes

8. Mighty Mouse(Over the top!)

9. Welch Tornado

10. Tears For Jerusalem(I vow to buy it and learn it!)

11. Waiting For A Plane

12. Haba Na Haba

13. Locomotivation

14. Jolly Swagman

15. Halfway Home

16. The Finger Lakes

You want to talk about a deal! LbL is only $69 downloaded or $90 for the DVDs, but wait a minute…Could it be possible that both Little By Little AND Certified Gems could be had on DVD for $100??? Whaaaaat! Oh yeah. For the aspiring fingerstylist this is by far the best way to improve your technique, left hand strength and overall guitar repertoire.

In Conclusion-

When Chet Atkins bestowed the CGP(Certified Guitar Player) designation on Tommy Emmanuel in 1999 it set him on fire. Only 3-other people in the world have attained the coveted CGP title from Chet, they are Jerry Reed, Steve Wariner and John Knowles. Tommy Emmanuel’s music is a gift to the world and in turn Tommy has given us a gift in Truefire’s Tommy Emmanuel Series; Certified Gems and Little by Little. How much would lessons from one of the greatest guitarists in the world be worth? These tutorials are like sitting in a room with Tommy and having him demonstrate and teach us his techniques and music one on one. is what I believe to be the greatest tutorial resource available to aspiring guitarists and seasoned veterans alike. Join today it’s FREE. One thing to remember above all others is: Play…

Mountains of Illinois on Little by Little

Borsalino from Certified Gems

Talent & Tenacity

Simply Awesome!
Simply Awesome! | Source

King of Fingerstyle Guitar



Tommy says, "It's all about control and control is all about hand strength." Fretting hand strength.
Tommy says, "It's all about control and control is all about hand strength." Fretting hand strength. | Source


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      It's a mammoth playground built of mountains, hills, lakes, eeeegddfcddc

    • GuitarGear profile imageAUTHOR

      Walter Holokai 

      6 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio

      Thanks Vkwok! I really appreciate it.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      6 years ago from Hawaii

      That was an excellent hub.

    • GuitarGear profile imageAUTHOR

      Walter Holokai 

      6 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio


      Thanks! I haven't been up to speed on my hub responsibilities lately. Thanks for the comment and your friendship.


    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 

      6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Hi, Walt!

      This was an excellent review, and I enjoyed learning new things about Tommy Emmanuel in the process of reading your fine work. Thanks for sharing! Aloha from one transplanted local boy to another! : )



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