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Rick Duff - High Life

Updated on April 11, 2018

Rick Duff is bringing sexy back with a bang on High Life. It’s his first commercially released album and he packs it with seven songs that aim to get your juices flowing and your body rolling in rhyme along with its bottom heavy bass lines and booming back beats. To be straight up: Duff should be considered dangerous. He’s the kind of singer that could coax the birds out of the trees with a voice that could talk you into taking a ride in his car, and all without that stranger’s predictable promise of candy. His intent on High Life is as transparent as the cellophane that seals a pack of cigarettes. So just like those packages of cancer sticks it may be a good idea if the Surgeon General decided to display a warning regarding the hazards to the user if used.

The Rickster’s sensuous brand of R&B is a body of work that’s comfortable in its own skin. He opens the set with B&B. It starts with a two-step rhythm that’s intended to either get people to pair off in the bedroom or the dance floor. The first line he pitches in this one is a simple, straightforward compliment, “That body’s so amazing!”, that’s aimed dead center at the heart of a hesitant lover who’s playing hard to get and that he desperately wants to woo. It’s a love safari of seduction where the hunter and the hunted both know that ultimately, through relentless attrition, both will eventually succumb to one another, and when two become one. Whether it’s boogieing in the club or cavorting in the boudoir, once a couple’s sweat mingles then a plethora of predictable chemical reactions always occurs. This is not something Rick Duff made up, it’s actually written in that renown Book of Love (please refer to chapter VIII, page #32, paragraph #4, sentence #1 – LOL).

The temperature’s turned up and the heat rises to dangerous levels on Sexing You Clean. Here Rick tag teams the mic with rapper Yung Banks (who’s also featured on an earlier cut called Jump on Duff’s High Life album) and the two of them go to town on this tune. It’s a body banging whip creaming covered aural orgy that has both performers swapping lines and swinging rhymes with one another from this track’s foreplay like introduction to an exhaustedly smoked out closing coda. If they ever make a music video of this number that displays what the subject matter being conveyed in the lyrics discusses then it’s going to look much like the kind of leaked out sex tape that would’ve made Paris Hilton proud back in her high-heels-in-the-air, rolling in the hey heyday. Forget a Surgeon General’s health warning – this imagined video would probably be branded with a Motion Picture Association of America XXX rating. It would unquestionably be that hot!


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