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Universal Urban Funk Rapper

Updated on May 30, 2013


Top Musician Vinnie Zummo Does Ringo Starr Tribute Song, He's a One Man Band!

Ringo Starr Tribute musician Vinnie Zummo relays his obsession with the Beatles & is not backing down about it because his music resume is chock full of famous bands and singers, and more. He got that way by practicing his craft in many music venues, one being a Ringo Starr homage video where he plays all the instruments. Vinnie has other music projects that are Beatle-esque as well as a dual life playing jazz around NYC with his Bop trio. Vinnie Zummo does a top Ringo Starr Tribute song and the music man also produces artists and does a lot of cyber sessions as well.

VZ, as he is know to his fans, is also known for his series of Hip Hop loop DVDS for Zero G. His "Nu Jointz","N.Y.CUtz" & "Kocktail Kollection" DVDS are international best sellers online. Vinnie Zummo's "Ringo" video has accumulated more than 32,000 hits on Youtube. He has long had a deep love of anything musically connected with The Beatles.

Whatever album Vinnie works on is always different from the last . He also plays focused hard jazz, very serious stuff, but is also at home playing shred metal,western swing, chicken pickin, blues, African, slide guitar. and on and on..

Zummo is just as happy listening to a song by THE SHAGGS,or Sixties band "Paul Revere and the Raiders as he is listening to an Arnold Schoenberg symphony.

Vinnie Zummo can often be found playing to a packed house at at NYC's famed Blue Note club and the next day creating hip hop drum loops for sampling, or composing music for The Oprah Winfrey Show or Dr. Oz!

Think of Vinnie Zummo as a math problem Einstein would be proud of, he has a great hold on the vast styles of guitar and composing music and lyrics. The amazing math problem of Vinnie Zummo would be (A) = (B) Beatle fan is introduced to a Be Bop song, which is the 'square root" that sounds like a different type of music coming out of those Marshall amps. But this musician who does the Ringo Starr Tribute so well says that he loves both The Beatles and Be Bop, and not because of all the "b's"!

Best known for his 7-year stint with The Joe Jackson Band, Zummo has now broken out on his own with his "Swinging Guitar Sounds Of Young America Volumes 1 and 2. This marks the first time all aspects of Vinnie’s playing can be heard on one album. His well known quirky style is front and center on these two albums.

Vinnie Zummo lovingly shows his love of the Beatles,on the songs "Fab Gear", "Ringo", "John Lennon" and "Without You Here". They'd bring a smile to any Beatles fan but it is his drumming on the hit "Ringo" that you hear how close he sounds to drummer Ringo Starr. At times you would think U can hear Ringo playing along on the track, But it's Vinnie Zummo.

Vinnie is an excellent drummer, and plays on many of the tracks. It is heard on his song "Kool Bop" .It's a free type of form guitar drum duet. When you hear the imagery you can imagine a meeting with Elvin Jones and a John Scofield/Pat Martino genetic spliced clone. But that's how it is. Vinnie is a huge fan of all of them and has all of them in his catalog of songs. One song "Pancakes", is a Western Swing Tribute to the musical pioneer Bob Wills. (By the way you can GOOGLE him and find out more and hear more.)

There is so much more to Vinnie Zummo, but his Ringo Starr homage "Ringo" is stunning in it's closeness to the Beatles sound and Ringo's unique groove in particular. Listen to his tracks on or click into YouTube link above and hear a mix so different that it's like Vinnie Zummo invented a new sound, which he probably did! In closing, understand that Vinnie Zummo does all original music that is done in the style of various artists. In his words, The 'Ringo' song is a tribute to the Beatles recording techniques and specifically Ringo's unique drumming.


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