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Ra.One Video Songs - Shahrukh Khan & Kareena Kapoor

Updated on March 24, 2012

Ra.One Video Songs + Review

Gauri Khan produced Ra.One 2011 big budget movie of Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor created a history in Bollywood industries. It gave us two main label, Chammak Challo and Dildaara.

Every year in our Indian country two or three such movies releases in cinema whose budget is very high. The Science fiction is closely related to each other. It is most appealing in Bollywood movies. Many movies are been made in recent times and there are many others also which still rules the podium.

One of them famous movie is “Ra-One” and in this movie a lot of action with comedy stunts is shown which makes youngsters laugh aloud or contribute to the falling side of it. Shahrukh Khan starring movie was initially made in 2D but from the releasing day it made the mark in Bollywood within short notice of time. As a result it was transferred in 3D quickly.

This was the biggest turn around Indian people as it grabbed a lot of small children into cinemas. On the whole Ra.One made the turn over of larger than Rajinikanth starring Enthiran, aka ROBOT. As compared to south superstar Rajinikanth, SRK made better moves for all the stunts.

Before announcement and releasing official music by team, it discussed continues in B’wood industry. It was also a verdict that Ra.One is a copy of Hollywood film but this took toil of all the rumors and came up with new ideas. The plot of the story reveals that Shahrukh is playing the role of G-ONE who is fighting against robot of cruel intensions RA-ONE. He used to take life of people and in contrast G-ONE used to fight against these evils. Have a quick look at my friend blog Kareena Kapoor Video Songs.

Official Poster

Official Poster
Official Poster | Source

Main Soundtracks

  • Chammak Challo
  • Dildaara
  • Criminal
  • Bhare Naina
  • Right By Your Side
  • Raftaarein
  • Jiya Mora Ghabraaye

Chammak Challo

SRK main role in film is to protect Kareena Kapoor and other family members. Slowly and gradually he develops feelings for Kareena and soon he starts loving her. The story takes good move when comic type love makes audience laugh more in the film.

Most remarkable matter is regarding the song “Chammak Challo”. Better dance, good choreography, as well as awesome singing that made song most popular than ever and of course BEBO now known as Chammak Challo. English artist named Akon had favored song in his own voice so it became livelier. On concluding we can say that hi-fi technology with special effects of stunts makes film appear like a real Hollywood movie, but we can’t compare it with best Hollywood actions movies. Ra.One made Diwali festival full of cracks as many of audiences were found in theaters.

Chammak Challo



Bhare Naina


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