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Rachel Reilly

Updated on December 4, 2014
Rachel Reilly
Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly was a VIP cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, Nevada. She now lives in California with her husband, Brendon Villegas. She is trying to make it as a reality star and has done good so far with 2 seasons of Big Brother, 2 seasons of The Amazing Race, and a webisode series called Adventures4Pets that she hosts. Plus, Brendan and Rachel's wedding was featured on WETV in the show My Fair Wedding. Rachel has also had a recurring role as a waitress on the The Bold and the Beautiful.

Brendon and Rachel together on Big Brother 12.
Brendon and Rachel together on Big Brother 12.
Rachel during Big Brother Season 12.
Rachel during Big Brother Season 12.

In the summer of 2010, she appeared on the 12th season of Big Brother. Big Brother is a competition where 13 (or so) house guests live in a house together away from all other communications with the outside world. They must compete in competitions to win Head of Household (HOH), power of veto, and even for food, instead of "slop". Shortly after starting on the show, she started a "showmance" with another contestant, Brendon Villegas. They quickly became inseparable. Rachel finished in 9th place and became the first member of the jury.

Brendon and Rachel together on Big Brother 13.
Brendon and Rachel together on Big Brother 13.
Rachel with Brendon at the season finale of Big Brother Season 13.
Rachel with Brendon at the season finale of Big Brother Season 13.

In the summer of 2011, she appeared on the 13th season of Big Brother. Her and her fiancé, Brendon, returned as 1 of 3 "Dynamic Duos", along with couple Jeff and Jordan from Season 11 and father-daughter Dick and Daniele from Season 8. This time, Rachel came out on top and became the 13th winner of Big Brother, receiving $500,000.

Brendon and Rachel on the Amazing Race 20.
Brendon and Rachel on the Amazing Race 20.
Rachel and Brendon during the race.
Rachel and Brendon during the race.

During the winter of 2012, Rachel and Brendon competed on another CBS show, the Amazing Race. This was the 20th edition. The show features 11 teams of 2 competing in a race around the world. During the race, they have to fly to different cities in many different parts of the world, take taxis, buses, or walk to a location, and get clues to the next destination. They then have to compete in a challenge. The first 10 teams to the final location (revealed by the last clue) will make it to the next round. The next time, 9 teams will advance, and so on until there is 1 winning team. Rachel and Brendan made it to the final 3 competition and earned third place in a very close race.

Brendon and Rachel on the Amazing Race 24.
Brendon and Rachel on the Amazing Race 24.
Rachel and Brendon during the race.
Rachel and Brendon during the race.

Rachel and Brendon are on the Amazing Race again, in the 24th season. It is an All-Stars addition. During the 4th leg, Brendon and Rachel were the last team to arrive. However, it was a non-elimination round, so they get to continue. In a future leg, they will now have to perform in a Speed Bump challenge before they can continue.

Want a chance to be on Big Brother like Rachel was? You can apply HERE.

How about being on the Amazing Race? The application website is HERE.

Rachel Winning BB13

Rachel and Brendan on the Amazing Race 20

My Fair Wedding

Rachel and Brendan met on Big Brother, and have been together ever since. In 2012, they decided to get married, and their wedding was featured on the television show, My Fair Wedding, on WETV.

Rachel is now the host of the website and webisodes of Adventures4Pets, along with her sister, Elissa. They go around the U.S. and find the most pet-friendly places that you can bring your animals along.

Find the webisodes here!

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