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Racism In Hollywood: The Need For A Balancing Of The Scales

Updated on September 21, 2015

It's no secret that a long time ago Hollywood was blatantly racist, as was a good portion of the United States. Things have greatly changed since then, but the scales are not balanced. Hollywood, in particular, is definitely biased. There aren't many, if any, movies where black male leads have white female love interests that they share intimate scenes with. There are movies that involve the opposite though, which I find rather upsetting.

Not many people know that Will Smith's love interest in the movie "Hitch" was supposed to be Cameron Diaz, but was changed to Eva Mendes, due to racism. Hollywood can't handle a black man kissing a white woman, or rather the United States of America. That is exactly what kept Cameron Diaz and Will Smith from kissing on-screen.

I think the only movie that I can recall that even comes close to breaking that barrier was "Hancock" and even then Charlize Theron and Will Smith never passionately kissed. It was a good movie and the back story had them in a loving relationship, but that was never portrayed in the movie itself.

I am a Walking Dead fan, but then again who isn't. I've always enjoyed horror, fantasy and science fiction. I wrote a book called Day Beyond The Dead and when I did I wanted the main characters to be a black male and a white female. I felt that Hollywood, and entertainment in general, was missing that type of dynamic in a story. There needed to be a good, strong, male black lead with a strong female white lead as his counter part. I wanted there to be a deep, loving, passionate relationship between them and it be very evident throughout the story. I wanted their love story to be able to rival that of Romeo and Juliet, but without the dual suicides at the end. Changing people's perceptions one story at a time.

It is long past due for better roles and more recognition in Hollywood. Changes are happening, but leaps and bounds should and could be made. There needs to be less stereotypical roles and more roles that show black people in general, especially black males, in a more positive light. Stereotypes will not be broken until changes like this occur. Granted there are people that really are like the stereotypes but the vast majority are not. Until this is shown through the various entertainment outlets nothing will change.

This isn't just an issue that pertains only to black people, but to many others. Native Americans are never realistically portrayed, but instead they are type casted as the stereotypical Indian. This should not be the case. Just recently, a group of Indians walked off of Adam Sandler's movie set for The Ridiculous Six. They left because they were being offended by the crew and the script. They were told if they didn't like it, then leave. So they did.

There is racism on every side of the spectrum, but the scales seem to tip more in one direction than another. Acknowledgement is the first step in abolishing anything. Make your self aware of the world around you and then, and only then, can you change it.

I don't plan on changing the way I write or what I want to write about. Maybe Hollywood can play catch up. I sincerely hope it does.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      2 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      During the Obama administration, there is an over abundance of black actors in the movies, TV, commercials and printed ads.

      They far exceed their percentage of the population. It certainly doesn't match reality. Just because blacks and gays have won in the courts doesn't mean that reality on the streets is going to change.

      I have never seen some many blacks on TV till Obama became president. Hollywood is forcing the blacks into situations that they don't exist in real life.

      In supergirl, they changed Jimmy Olsen to a black guy?

      In the flash, the white guy hooks up with his black sister.

      In the Arrow, we have a black tech specialist that is gay.

      In Mike and Molly, we have a black cop, and a white MJ user.

      The list goes on and my point is that Hollywood is jamming these relationships into most of their shows. It doesn't reflect real life, simply because blacks and gays are minorities and they don't appear with as much frequency as the majority.

      It is when it goes beyond natural occurrences that I am against putting these characters into the show just to make a political or social point based on the opinion of the show makers.

      It is a form of subliminal mind bending.

      So my opinion is directly opposite of the theme of your hub.


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