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Radio Toolbar

Updated on February 6, 2011

Add a Radio Toolbar to Your Browser

Free Radio Toolbar from Conduit
Free Radio Toolbar from Conduit | Source

Get a Custom Radio Toolbar, Simple and Free

A radio toolbar is a simple program that sits at the top of your browser, giving you easy and instant access to all your favorite online music. No matter what type of music you like, you'll have access to the best local stations, as well as internet radio stations offering music selections from hard rock and heavy metal all the way to contemporary, classical and religious music. Want trance? You can get it with a radio toolbar. Want talk radio? You can get that, too.

A radio toolbar is very easy to install and offers you tons of options in addition to a music player. The radio toolbar that I'll use as an example here is fully customizable, easy to install and uninstall and comes complete with other options, making your toolbar experience personalized, fun and rewarding.

Download your free radio toolbar now.
Download your free radio toolbar now. | Source

Installing Your Radio Toolbar

When you get ready to install your radio toolbar, you'll have several options to make your experience more personalized. You can quickly add, delete and rearrange the selections on your toolbar, like weather, tv, contests, travel and more. And there are hundreds of radio stations to choose from. Here is how you customize your radio toolbar:

1. Download the radio toolbar. (information page will open in a new window)

2. Launch your choice of either the We7 music player or the inline radio station player by clicking. With We7, you can search directly inside the small browser window for your favorite songs. With the inline music player, simply click on the call letters for the default radio station and you'll have the options to add and edit stations or search your favorite local radio.

3. On this particular radio toolbar, you'll also have instant access to Twitter, Facebook, free online games, contests, horoscopes, coupons and discounts and informative top 10 lists.

Click here to add even more fun to your radio toolbar.
Click here to add even more fun to your radio toolbar.

Customizing Your Radio Toolbar

Customizing your radio toolbar is very easy. If you want to make changes to any of the existing buttons, or add more functionality, follow these instructions:

1. At the left hand side of your toolbar, there is a small arrow dropdown next to the toolbar logo. Click there and select Toolbar options.

2. Here you will see personal components, predefined components, useful components, my stuff and additional settings. It's on these tabs where you can delete toolbar applications that you do not find useful, add useful applications such as a calculator or quick access to Paint, Excel, Word and more, or modify other important settings.

3. To add any of thousands of interesting, fun, useful and entertaining applications to your existing toolbar, click the dropdown arrow next to the green Go button. Choose Apps and this will take you directly to the Conduit Marketplace where you can choose from thousands applications to make your life easier and more fun.

Toolbar Concerns Addressed

When installing toolbars, there should always be concern for privacy, potential for malware and ease of uninstallation. With this radio toolbar, you can rest assured and put your concerns at ease.

  • Privacy policy outlines the no spyware and no adware policy, in addition to other important consumer information.
  • Fully and easily customizable making your radio toolbar truly your own.
  • Easy uninstall if you decide the toolbar isn't right for you. Simply employ your normal uninstall methods, such as selecting Add/Remove programs in IE or removing the toolbar from the add-on feature in Firefox under Tools.

Ready check out the radio toolbar?

Click here to get the fully customizable radio toolbar now.


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