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Radiohead's Return

Updated on July 21, 2016

This year marks 25 years of Radiohead and their unbelievable career. They are one of the best bands and they managed to stay relevant throughout their career, which is hard to achieve. Their first band name was On a Friday, because that was their favourite day to jam and they were all free of school on Fridays. They changed it to Radiohead within the next year after they garned some interest with the music labels. They finally signed and released their debut Pablo Honey in 1995. »Creep« was their breakout single and they have recently added it to their setlist on concerts. They didn't plan for that song to be such a hit; Johnny Greenwood hated the song and he played such heavy guitars to make sound bad. He was wrong, luckily, because those guitar riffs became the trademark of the song.

Radiohead followed their debut with classics like OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, In Rainbows, and as of the latest- A Moon Shaped Pool. The latter marks their return to glory. It's a masterpiece to say the least. This work of art is very personal and intimate. It deals with sadness a lot, due to Thom Yorke's recent breakup with his wife. The song »Daydreaming« reminds me of »No Surprises« with the gentle melodies and soft background. It's one of the saddest songs on the album and we can tell that Thom is lost in his world, searching for something. The video for the song goes great with the lyrics; Thom is entering doors to different places and he never finds the think he was looking for. He ends up sleeping on the floor of a cave, near the fire. It looks like he's tired and he needs rest, but it doesn't come. The whole thing looks like a nightmare in a way, because he's trapped, he can only search and search, even though he may never find it. The song captures this frustration perfectly. It was their first recorded song for the album and the continued to make songs in the similar tone to give a singular feeling to this record.

»Identikit« is another great cut on this album, bring more action to the table. The tempo is a bit faster and you can tell that it has detailed layers, which come together great. It's one of their oldest songs and they never released it officially until now. This is their standard practice and I have a hunch why they do that. I think these songs (»Nude« is another example) are one of their best songs and they know it, so they don't want to release them too early. I went back and listened to the first version of »Nude«, for instance, and I was actually let down (no pun intended).

»Burn the Witch« was another single of this album and it features soft vocals and sharp strings in the background. The video is pretty scary, even though it looks like a cartoon. The message is vile and there are a couple of cruel deaths in the video.

Thom Yorke recently said that he didn't think that people still cared about Radiohead. He was obviously wrong, the album was received positively and it deserves all of the praise. Their recent uploaded photos suggest that they might release more this year, which would be great and it could show us a darker side of Radiohead that was missing from AMSP. The lyrics are still dark on the album, especially »Identikit« and »Full Stop«, which are both highlights of the album. »Full Stop« is a classic Radiohead song with its playful guitars and Thom's hypnotic singing, it's such a treat. I love that song in particular- it's fiery and full of quirky sounds that make up a beautiful chaos.


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