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Updated on November 19, 2010

Watched Skyline yesterday and it was below decent. 4/10 stars.

The beginning of the movie was actually good. With Terry (Donald Faison) being the hero at first until his sudden death by the alien-machine-like-jelly-fish which actually killed the whole story (in my modest opinion) frustrated me.

Out of nowhere, Jarrod (Eric Balfour) sprang into a super hero, with super alienated strength, he obtained after looking at the bright blue ray falling from the sky, down onto Earth.

If Oliver (David Zayas) were to survive the alien invasion attack, I would compliment this movie still, but in the end, he died by blowing himself up together with the alien.

Worst part of the movie was the ending. Jarrod and Elaine (Scottie Thompson) gave up the fight against the aliens and gave in by looking at the nice, calming ray of light by the alien. They ascended up into the mothership. Elaine woke up with the alien's oil/blood all over her. One by one, live human bodies were captured by the alien's tentacles for human brains. Jarrod was one of them and his brain was PINK! The tentacles then took Elaine as well but they sensed the baby in her womb, so she got swallowed again and was brought to another part of the mothership, where all the brains were transported.

One by one, brains were infused with a vacant alien body and it breathed life to them, creating newborn aliens (soldiers to attack and capture mankind). Then the pink brain was given a body. Elained cried and screamed endlessly until a tentacle took her up, getting ready to rip her head apart but...

Alien Jarrod saved the day! He battled the other aliens etc and the movie ends. If you've watched District 9, you'll understand how it ends. I don't see it as a happy ending. Rather, a disturbing one.

Not sure if it's even worth the DVD buy...


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