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The Struggle Before The Fame. Celebrity Biography Of Choice; Nicki Minaj, The Female Rap Goddess's Childhood Struggle.

Updated on April 5, 2016

Biography; Nicki Minaj

Hello, and welcome to my blog! Considering it is National Women's month I decided that I will select a group of female icon's both present and pastime and give my reader's a taste of their realities before fame. So, I automatically decided that Nicki Minaj was going to be my first research topic and I stand far from disappointed.

Wow! What a strong willed young lady, I already knew so before hand. I would've never imagined that her past was this extreme, though. Let me begin by telling you that this woman has made it through mountain-sized challenges. She already fascinated me before and now that I know the facts about her life before the fame. I stand firm when I say that she deserves all the fame she can get.

Prior to the fame, Minaj was basically a victim in some way or form during at least eighty percent of the time. She has been tossed into the battle ring's of life many times. With an emotionally defeated mother and an abusive drug addict for a father, she surely was not handed roses for breakfast, heck she was lucky to get rocks.

Her parents names were Carol Maraj and Robert Maraj. Robert her father and his severe drug problems caused Nicki great problems in her past. There were many incidents where Robert caused damage upon the roots entwining the "family" at home together. As a matter of fact, her parents fought so often that Minaj used to create characters and act them out; in attempt to drown the sound of their screaming out. Now she tells the industry "those struggles helped her to rise above. I've always had this female- empowerment thing in the back of my mind" is what she stated for the reporters of " Detailed Magazine" as well as, because I wanted my mother to be stronger, and she couldn't be. I thought if I am successful I can change her life."

Carol Maraj, Nicki's mother had been born on December 24, 1959 in Saint James, Trinidad, and Tobago. She also had a brother, Nicki's uncle who had been diagnosed with an acute mental illness. It made Carol's life while growing up quite turbulent. He would destroy everything, there was even once where he tore all the louvers in the windows at "Tranquillity Government Secondary School" where Carol had graduated.

Married at the age of twenty; Carol sadly left one abusive home to enter another. She delivered her son first and then she had her lioness of a daughter Onika, Tanya Maraj or the famous "Nicki Minaj." The "Worlds Largest Female Popstar" who not only was her first single "Pink Friday" a major hit globally but also the cause of her entry into the Guiness Book Of World Record's when she had seven songs generating through Billboards Hot 100 Music Charts.

Did you know that Robert Nicki's father had entirely burnt the Maraj home to ashes in a un successful attempt to murder her mother in the nineteen nineties? Yes, Ma'am crazy isn't it? “My husband used to get high on cocaine and alcohol and would come home and terrorize the whole family, one night I woke up and smelled smoke. I went downstairs and the kitchen was on fire. I had to run out of the house and it burned to the ground." according to what, Carol had stated.

Nicki's mom also told the crowds of reporters that Nicki and her siblings were also nearby at a neighbor's when the house had been set on fire by Robert, Minaj's father and that there was also the incident where she was trying to take the children to the neighbors house. She had gotten in her car and drove as far as the first set of streetlights before Robert viciously opened the driver's door and pulled Carol out by force and turned the car back around and took the kids back home. "He was so violent" she told the press.

More About Nicki:

Nicki's parents had fled to America when she was just a tiny infant, hoping to start a better life. During that time, Minaj had lived with her grandmother until she was five years old. Then her mother turned around to bring her into Queens New York.

To reach her ultimate worldwide mountain of fame Minaj is one of those who definitely was obligated to climb it, to say the least. She started Guardia Highschool of Music and Arts at the age of twelve and went straight through to famous male pop star Lil Wayne who introduced her immediately to Dirty Money the famous music producer who heard her and instantly published her record "Pink Friday"

I want people - especially young girls - to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You've got to have something else to go with that.


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