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Rap Music Was Enjoyable in the 1980s

Updated on March 23, 2020
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It's all about real-life issues that matter to people who want to learn more and every day is a different day.

LL Cool J has 14 studio albums and he also appeared in numerous movies. He currently plays NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna.
LL Cool J has 14 studio albums and he also appeared in numerous movies. He currently plays NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna.

Hip Hop Music in the 1980s

Growing up in Brooklyn New York in the 1980s when hip hop was becoming a big success on the radio and in the street, it became the sound that young people were listening too. I can hear the music ehco all the time in the street when I was outside playing with my friends.

Especially when hearing some of the biggest hip-hop artists at the time. The rappers were always being played on the radio and many young people were carrying around huge boomboxes. They wanted to listen to the radio to hear the rappers wherever they were going. They would carry around the huge boomboxes all the time. They would also carry it on their shoulder to listen to their music.

Meanwhile, just walking and anyone who had a radio was always happy as if the radio was there company. Still, everyone would enjoy the music and coincidentally a lot of people in the neighborhood would have the radio on the same station; hearing music ehco in the street was every day.

Hip Hop Music in the Street

I also remember a young man by the name of Tommy who would come around with his boombox. Everyone was content to listen to the popular hip hop music that he was playing on the radio or his cassette player on the boombox. There wasn't any cursing and the rhyming was addictive to listen to.

Parents weren't too concerned about feeling uncomfortable, as much as listening to the words used today. For instance, seeing what is placed next to an artist's image that says. Parental discretion is advised and just seeing those words are common with the music now.

Anyway, the music in the streets just blended in with the sound of the city at the time. Besides, Tommy didn’t have any problem with people if he wanted to just play his music extremely loud. There wasn’t anyone coming around to disturb the young people who just wanted to listen to music. They would play different sports and activities in the neighborhood while listening to music without conflict.

Old School Hip Hop

Meanwhile, playing, basketball, riding bikes, playing handball, double Dutch, or just walking to the corner store or the candy shop. Also, they would go to the neighborhood arcade spot where they would gather to play arcade games like centipede and Pac Man.

Furthermore, soon as my friends would leave the arcade, we’ll hear the music on the boombox again. A lot of young people were addicted to listening to hip hop music in the neighborhood and if it was silent. However, sometimes it seems as if something was missing, and that was the sound of the city. It was the only time the music wasn't heard outdoors often, and when it was extremely cold or raining outside.

The music that was heard was Run DMC, LL Cool J, Kurtis Blow, Slick Rick, Doug Fresh, Fat Boys, Roxanne Shante' and others. Many of the rappers had a positive message in their music.

Even though, no one is carrying around boomboxes anymore, the music can be heard online. The music in the past is a classic collection and many people can still hear the old school hip hop music at certain types of clubs that will play old school music. Although Hip-hop music has changed drastically and people with an opinion will still love it. The 1980s was the golden hip hop era for many people.

Today's rappers are loved by fans who don't have too much concern about what their favorite rapper is saying and doing online or in music videos. Overall, people and music are forever evolving whether good or not so good.

LL Cool J
LL Cool J
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were heard often on boomboxes in the street.
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were heard often on boomboxes in the street.
Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh were heard often on the boomboxes every day on the street and everyone loved "La Di Da Di"
Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh were heard often on the boomboxes every day on the street and everyone loved "La Di Da Di"
Doug E. Fresh
Doug E. Fresh

Old School and New School Rappers

Many people will agree that Rap music isn’t going in the right direction as it used to when rap music began. Yet it was a time when rap music was enjoyable, fun, and entertaining than today. Although the rappers today are still loved by fans who love all types of voices, beats, and lyrics. Whether it is positive or not, there's an audience for what people love to listen too. Still, the rappers in the 1980s were rapping for people to enjoy music to listen to in the house or on the streets in New York City.

However, rap music seems to become more bizarre because of what is happening today with many new rappers who are no longer living because of many preventable causes.

There are also more conflicts about who raps better or who flow better, who sounds better, who has longevity and who has more money and where the new rapper comes from. Often the fans want to know all that there's is to know about their favorite artist.

Besides, fans want to know who is the newest and best rapper of all time, but there are many good rappers. Still, so many new rappers who enjoy rap music, are following the footsteps of the rappers who came before them. Many of today’s talented rappers are saying what they know about what is happening today and how they feel. Many young artists are extremely talented in doing so but would say and do anything for attention.

Jam Master Jay was born January 21, 1965 and he died October 30, 2002 (age 37)
Jam Master Jay was born January 21, 1965 and he died October 30, 2002 (age 37)
Fat Boys
Fat Boys

New School Rap Music

Yet many of them are dying very young and most people are clueless about why rappers are leaving this earth so soon. After they have exposer to make to be the next successful rapper. Rapping isn’t supposed to be the competition that has a death-defying ending. After hearing a voice that is being heard and people are listening.

Although, times have changed many young rappers aren’t going to have longevity if always talking about gun violence, womanizing, rap beef and being disrespectful to each other. Often people talk about rap music doesn't make people feel that rap music is fun, entertaining and enjoyable anymore.

Even though there isn’t anything wrong with always listening to enjoyable music by a variety of rap artists. Yet, there’s something wrong when a good rapper dislikes another rapper, due to who is better and who should be on top instead. There are enough money and room for those who want to make in the music industry.

Especially, when having a huge understanding when dealing with technology that can also help them to become successful with their music. Furthermore, there’s always debate about the rappers in the past and the rappers today when there shouldn’t be any comparison because people are all different with unique ideas, sounds, and creativity.

Although times have changed, and people grow too but many rap artists are going to continue to do what they love to do in their life. Still, no one shouldn’t lose their life over rapping about what they know or what they dealt with in life. Many rappers didn’t live past thirty years old.

Something must change about what's been happening, no one wants to know about another death that possibly could have been prevented. Even though it’s a complicated issue that isn’t easy to resolve and that's how life issues are sometimes.

Queen Latifah is a rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and producer.
Queen Latifah is a rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and producer.
Queen Latifah and Monie Love in the "Ladies First" music video.
Queen Latifah and Monie Love in the "Ladies First" music video.

Rap Music Impact on Youth

Often rappers want to become the next big star to make it in the music industry because of personal circumstances that they want to see get better for themselves. Also, some rappers today do rap about positivity and it is needed to have a good time with rap music again. Listening to rap music that has an impact on a positive message will have longevity because young people seem to need that right now.

There’s nothing wrong with hearing rap music with a message that can be emulated instead of doing the opposite. Sometimes young people can be influenced by what they are listening to. They're going to get a good or a bad message that can affect some young people listening. Therefore, it can lead to behaviors that aren't helpful at all.

Often, if someone watching many new school rappers, it seems as if good is bad and bad seem good. Young people listening to their favorite rapper will assume what their watching all the time is alright, but it isn't. Rap seems to be headed in the wrong direction if listening to the point that they can become rebellious for all the wrong reasons. Unusual, parents will notice a change in behavior and sometimes the music has to do with the music.

A change in friends, smoking and not following rules are what parents must endure. Just being young isn’t easy, but dealing with peer pressure and to be good all the time isn't what some young people want to do often. Over time, then being incarcerated is what is expected if not abiding by the law in society.

Although, there are a lot of talented young people who can rap, and rap isn't always easy for many of them. Getting messages across that matter out there is crucial to the ones who want to do better in life.

Many young people need motivation and inspiration every day. So, it’s great for young people who want more from rap music they’re listening to all the time. Besides, rappers can always collaborate to make great rap music that people of all ages can enjoy for a long time.

Slick Rick
Slick Rick
Heavy D and Fresh Prince
Heavy D and Fresh Prince

Hip Hop Education

Even though rap music is becoming more serious over time. Making changes so rap music can continue to be enjoyable, informative and more entertaining again should continue to be a part of saving the music. Important messages will lead another rapper to be a legend someday.

Rappers must know that people of all ages are listening, and young people must know that they are the future generation. Just knowing what is being said in the media is powerful to say. People share online, on television and offline. It's a privilege and an opportunity to get to do that so easily.

Therefore, having someone's undivided attention is important. Especially, for young people trying to find themselves. Sometimes, they're yearning to learn what they don't know about because certain subjects aren't always fully understood.

Teaching through music is going to go on and on, so a message that can help is always better than to make matters complicated. Young people don't always know better with issues that are being expressed.

Kurtis Blow and Nas
Kurtis Blow and Nas

Rappers who are Gone to Soon Recently

Nipsey Hussle was born August 15, 1985 and he died March 19, 2019
Nipsey Hussle was born August 15, 1985 and he died March 19, 2019
Juice World was born December 2, 1998 and he died December 8, 2019
Juice World was born December 2, 1998 and he died December 8, 2019
Pop Smoke was born July 20,1999 and he died February 19, 2020
Pop Smoke was born July 20,1999 and he died February 19, 2020

10 Popular Old School Rap Songs

  1. Queen Latifah (Ladies First)
  2. Slick Rick (A Children's Story)
  3. LL Cool J (I Need Love)
  4. KRS-One (My Philosophy)
  5. Nas (I Can)
  6. Heavy D (Now that We Found Love)
  7. Run DMC (Lets Get Married)
  8. Queen Latifah (Just Another Day)
  9. Tupac (Dear Mama)
  10. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five (The Message)

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