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Rapper Doe B. among 2 killed in Alabama shooting

Updated on December 28, 2013

Doe B. was a young cute looking man who had two children and a third one on the way. He seemed like he had a future ahead of him and that there were many people counting on him. I can only imagine how the mother of his children must feel right now.

The only judgment I can make here is that he had no business hanging out and drinking late at night at any bar being that he had his girl pregnant and two other children at home. This does not look very mature or responsible to me. I guess most rappers may have that mentality. Well, regardless this is a very sad case and it really makes me personally scared to go to a bar or anywhere else for that matter. The fact that the shooting took place so close to a university is not looking any good either. I hope that people can find a way to disagree with each other without having to use a gun and end someone's life. I would think that in 2013 our society would be more evolved and would not resort to such brutality, but I guess such deaths speak for themselves.

Rapper Doe B. has been killed by a gunshot wound this past Saturday in an Alabama bar. It is so ironic that a person who created music about gun violence has been killed by a gun himself. It is very sad that there is so much gun violence in this world. We really need to get those guns off the streets. So many people die for the stupidest reasons. There is no need for this. I am not sure if the violence situation has improved over the years, but I do know that we have a long way to go.

I would like to know what is up with this guy's eye patch. Did he think he was a pirate or something? Well, a lot of people said that Doe B. was the one who instigated the fight and that he got what he deserved. However, we do not know the details of exactly what happened so I think we should not judge too soon. I am sure his family and friends will miss him. He is likely to have many fans as well.


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