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Rashid Khan Awakening the Magic of Strings with his Heart-Touching Voice

Updated on October 23, 2016
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Shermeck is a passionate freelance writer. She finds peace and satisfaction in expressing various ideas and thoughts about life and culture.

Rashid Khan bd
Rashid Khan bd

That crisp, heart-touching voice finding its way deep in your soul, into your heart, undeterred, unchecked makes you for once forget what is around you. Each word making full vibes of what it means and what it depicts is not easy to resist. Whether you understand Bengali or not, you are going to listen Rashid Khan bd from very first note to the last in his every song. His ruggedly sweet voice can touch those strings of your heart that you do not even know that they exist. The first time when I heard his song, I did not even breathe for a whole moment. That voice only, yes the voice only grabbed my attention in its inescapable magic, though, I do not understand a single word in Bengali.

Rashid KHan
Rashid KHan

Music is for a happy person to interpret his joy but music does not disappoint a sad and gloomy heart, too. This is so obvious from Rashid’s songs. Touching the human emotions in their entire versatile nature, his music contains variations. His strings can create the waves that you feel that they are just for you – especially for you and your feelings. As a singer – a passionate singer who sings to give his words life, he is way more ahead of other singers. Yes, he writes the songs and then brings them to life in his unique voice that has the power not discovered yet fully by the world of music. You can well understand the sacredness of music in his mind that he did not step in this art as a means to earn money but as a mean to interpret human feelings and culture. He is an entrepreneur in his profession. Proving his abilities and skills in business is going side by side his passion of music. The artist inside him finds his way out to our world through music and he is as smart in establishing his abilities as a singer as he is good in business.

Rashid Khan bd
Rashid Khan bd | Source

For many people having a deep love for music, the ground looks barren and they feel something is lacking. While almost the majority of singers are following the trends in music, they rarely or maybe never find someone taking his way with strings to a unique destiny. Maybe singers fear they get lost into some unknown bad fate and do not find their status in the list of singers at some distinguished level. But Rashid Kahn bd does not care for to follow trends. He has no unknown fears and cliché style of thinking. His creativity has led him to cement his footprints on a path so unique yet distinctive from the rest of the singers. His heartwarming amalgamation of traditional and contemporary music is worth listening. Find his songs online and enjoy a thrill as never before!


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