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Rating the People Choice Awards 2016 Winners: Film/TV Edition

Updated on January 8, 2016


The People Choice Awards has been around for about 30 years (since 1975) and is the only competition of its type that allows the general public to decide who wins.

While the Oscars hand over the decision to a selected group of individuals (who often have not even seen the films in question), People Choice Awards believe in the power of the people and that the masses have a right to pick their own favourites. Even though the products nominated here tend to just be the most popular releases of the year

The People Choice Awards also cover a lot of different mediums; TV, film and music are all represented in this one evening of adoration. 65 categories were defined for this years ceremony (the original show in 1975 had 14) and all the biggest celebrities could be seen and worshipped for this one night.

Although I respect the People Choice Awards a lot more than the Oscars, it does not mean I agree with every single decision made. Here is my review of the 2016 ceremony for the biggest awards of the night.

Favourite Movie: Furious 7


Furious 7 beat Inside Out, Jurassic World, Pitch Perfect 2 and Avengers Age of Ultron for the most prestigious award of the night. Furious 7 is probably the obvious choice here (although Inside Out is a superior film) because of the emotionally impact it had on the majority of viewers. This victory is almost like the final send off for Paul Walker and it is a respectable decision.

The title of this award (and all awards at this ceremony) are FAVOURITE, not best. With the exception of Inside Out, none of these nominations are the best writing, directed or acted films of the year. Two of them are considered disappointments by a lot of people (Jurassic World and Age of Ultron) but they all left a huge impression on audiences and will be remembers for years to come.

Rating: 8/10. My Pick: Inside Out

Favourite Movie Actor: Channing Tatum


Remember when Channing Tatum was considered a bit of a joke? Well, now he is winning the People Choice Award for favourite movie actor over Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, Johnny Depp and Chris Pratt.

All these five nominees are fantastic and audience darlings but none of them have had particularly great years. They've all been in moderately successful big budget releases but none of them had a landmark turn this year. Will Smith might have deserved it the most since this was the first year in forever were he starred in two respectable films (Focus and Concussion) but even those could have been better.

Johnny Depp delivered the best performance of the year in Black Mass but Channing Tatum was in the best film of the year with The Hateful Eight, even though his part was quite small.

Rating: 6/10. My Pick: Will Smith.

Favourite Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock is a great great actress but she did not have a good year, movie wise. Our Brand is Crisis failed to leave a mark (and was critically panned too) and Minions succeeded less because of her and more due to those loveable yellow balls of energy. The other nominees (Meryl Streep, Scrlett Johansson, Melissa McCarthy and Anne Hathaway) all had arguably stronger years than Sandra Bullock.

This is the point were the People Choice Awards kind of begin to lose me. When they are picking an actual release, then they are often right on the money. Unfortunately, a lot of the awards are celebrity based instead of work based, meaning that the winners are usually the ones that just have more fans out there, instead of the one that had the best 2016.

Rating: 4/10. My Pick: Melissa McCarthy.

Favourite TV Show / Network TV Comedy: Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory is an ever present force on the People Choice Awards. These characters have became so ingrained into pop culture that words like Bazinga! will live on for decades after the show ends. Saying that, it kind of sucks now-a-days.

Let me explain. I am not one of those haters that attacks The Big Bang Theory just because it is popular. Actually, I quite liked the show for a few years. But it is another series that has lasted for too long and has been living off past glories for a few seasons now. The characters have reached the point of parody and the jokes are beyond recycled.

Game of Thrones had its worst season yet but was still decent enough, while The Walking Dead continues to be a reliable but not necessarily great show. I am quite surprised that something like Daredevil or The Flash were not nominated for this award. They are both extremely loved but apparently not enough.

Rating: 3/10. My Pick: Game of Thrones.

Favourite Network TV Drama: Grey's Anatomy


There seems to be a pattern emerging at this year's People Choice Awards. The winners seem to have less to do with who was actually the best over the last year and more with how big of a pop cultural phenomena that release/person is. Most of my readers are probably screaming 'Duh!' but this is not necessarily a bad thing. We are shaped by our media, and if these shows are the ones that have left the biggest impression on our cultural as a whole, then they are obviously doing something better than others.

Grey's Anatomy is a soap opera disguised as a hospital drama, and while all the other four shows (Scandal, Empire, Gotham and How to get away with murder) are superior shows right now, nobody can argue that they are anywhere near as influential or rooted into the public consciousness as Grey's Anatomy.

Rating: 9/10. My Pick: Grey's Anatomy.

Other Winners: Johnny Depp, The Martian, Pitch Perfect 2...


Best Action Movie: Furious 7. My Rating: 8/10. (How was Fury Road not nominated?)

Best Comedic Movie: Pitch Perfect 2. My Rating: 6/10. (Spy would have been my choice.)

Best Dramatic Movie: The Martian. My Rating: 10/10. (Perfect winner.)

Best Dramatic Movie Actor: Johnny Deep. My Rating: 9/10. (He was brilliant in Black Mass.)

Best Dramatic Movie Actress: Dakota Johnson. My Rating: 3/10. (HAHAHAHA. No.)

Best Family Movie: Minions. My Rating: 6/10. (Inside Out can not win apparently.)

Best Thriller Movie: Taken 3. My Rating: 0/10. (This is the point I turned off my TV.)


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    • Mark Sammut profile image

      Mark Sammut 2 years ago from Malta

      Me too. Its my favourite movie of the year.

    • auntjennie profile image

      Jen 2 years ago from Canada

      I think out of the list for favorite movies I would have preferred to see Inside Out win.