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Abdul Rauf Chandio

Updated on August 11, 2016


Abdul Rauf Chandio(Urdu: عبدالرؤف چانڈیو‎) (born 1978) is a Pakistani Journalist, Politician, Host, Anchor, Bureau Chief, News Writer and Journalistic career from Sindhi Daily news

Abdul Rauf started his career as Bureau Chief of Sindh TV News, When he was Chief Reporter, he wrote many news in Sindhi [5][6][7] and in Urdu Language[8].He is serving as News Director of Mehran TV since 2008[2] under the CEO of Mehran TV. He has Experience of Communication Officer in Media, Government Organization (Sindh Irrigation & Drainage Authority ) in Media and News Writer in The News International and The Khawish News[7]. After leaving Sindh TV News, he is serving Head Of Mehran TV as Communications Officer[9]. He is hosts the show Sidhi Galh which is aired on Mehran TV.[10]

He was Bureau Chief in Sindh TV at Hyderabad, In 1998 he was Roperter at Daily Khawish and Daily Sham at Mirokhan, He was also Sub Editor at Daily Halchul News in Hyderabad and Daily News Writer at The News International. Currently he is now News Director of Mehran TV since 2008 and Communication Officer at Mehran Tv. He is hosting a show Sidhi Galh since 2008 when Mehran TV was established as first Sindhi Media Channal in Hyderabad, Sindh


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