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Ravenswood -- Five Pact

Updated on November 6, 2013

So is the Mortuary the hell mouth of Ravenswood?

I have to say the more I see of Miranda the more I don't like her. She was a total catty B at her funeral. With behavior like that it makes me glad she's dead. Now if she'd only pass to the other side. Unfortunately, I've got a bad feeling she won't go unless the other four go with her, and she isn't worth dying for, so we're stuck with Miranda the annoying little B ghost.

Aside from Marlene already starting with the red herrings with Miranda claiming there was something important in her bag and it just being the letter her mother wrote her that held no answers to what was going on that almost got Remy killed, she seems to be borrowing from old movies and TV Shows. The whole thing about Miranda not being able to walk through the gate reminded me of an old Abbott and Costello movie. Bud Abbott [or maybe it was Lou Costello, I could never figure out which one was which] died and was a ghost and couldn't walk past the gate of this estate until he accomplished some task. And it seems like borrowing from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Sunnydale being some hell mouth for supernatural activity or whatever, the mortuary is the same thing in Ravenswood.

I think the show may have made a mistake spinning off Caleb in this new show. His continued presence in Ravenswood makes no sense for his character and is totally out of character. So he just wants to stay in town while who knows what is happening to Hanna who is being targeted by A? Yeah, that's real believable. Apparently, he's now in love with the annoying chick he knew for about two seconds before she bit the big one.

Another problem is some of the observations people have made on message boards is kind of affecting the way I'm watching. For instance, I have a hard time concentrating on Remy scenes because of her hair. Someone said she looked like Sideshow Bob the crazed clown from The Simpsons and she really does. It takes very little effort to picture her in a clown suit. And the people who said that Miranda had the same hairdo as Caleb were right on the money, as well. Maybe that's why he's so enthralled by her. She's Mini Me.

Anyway, Miranda stands by Caleb at her funeral being a B and making bitchy comments about the people who came there. She believes she has broken through the barrier because of the house and won't be able to do it anywhere else. Then a flock of ravens sounds overhead and Miranda disappears.

During the service Rochelle can't help but look at her husband's headstone with Black Widow written in red paint. Does anyone find it creepy to have a joint tombstone with your name on it in the graveyard when you're very much alive? Then Sheriff Barney started harassing Rochelle at the funeral. Apparently he thinks her husband Charles was having an affair with a woman named Abby Wheeler whose been dead for years. Apparently, Charles knew something about The Curse and that's why he may have been murdered.

Olivia is in a bathroom in Mortuary Mansion and she's got her face down by an air vent with her eyes closed and something unearthly looks like it's about to reach out and grab her when someone knocks on the door and Olivia leaves the bathroom. Later, she does some research on Abby Wheeler and it appears she and four other teens were victims of The Curse as well. When she goes to see the science lab they died in, and burnt face appears in the window of the science lab.

Remy and Caleb decide to have a meeting of the Final Four. Luke is the Doubting Thomas of the group refusing to buy all this supernatural hogwash, while Olivia believes Abby Wheeler is trying to reach out to her from beyond the grave. And Remy reads the report on what happened to her mother and believes her mother should have died and not survived.

Raymond gives Caleb a job working at the mortuary and lets him stay in the gatehouse. That's where the teens decide to hold their seance. Caleb goes to investigate a noise and finds Springer who used to hold the job and he's pissed Ray allowed Caleb to stay in the guest house.

I had to laugh over what they used for a Ouija board. A white board and magnetic colored letters of the alphabet. No self-respecting ghost should even respond to a call from that, but one did. Supposedly Abby Wheeler who did a Q&A with Olivia. She wrote out Five Pact, whatever that means.

Miranda sees the ceiling above Remy, Olivia and Luke starting to crack and she starts screaming for Caleb. When he arrives does she tell him the chandelier is about to drop and kill the three teens. Ah, heck no. She just squawks, "Make them stop! Make them stop!" And Caleb's all like, "Duh, I think we should let them continue." Most people would warn the chandelier is about to fall but not this twidiot. A twidiot is a twit and an idiot and Miranda is both.

She ends up knocking the board out of the way and that makes the teens scatter as the chandelier comes crashing down. And the upshot is now the other teens can see Miranda, as well. Poor them. It might have been better to have your head crushed by the chandelier.

One thing I wish they'd can is the Miranda scenes of her scared in limbo land because she can sense The Other. Seriously, why should I worry about her. She's dead. What can The Other really do to her? Besides, she's so unlikable and annoying I probably wouldn't care if The Other cut off her head or sewed her mouth shut.

Creepiest moment had to be Ray preparing Bitchranda in the coffin and caressing her cheek and cutting off a lock of her hair to keep as a keepsake. But strangely enough he's also becoming my favorite character on this mess of a show. Maybe he's the best actor on the show since he seems to play his role with a pathos none of the other actors achieve.

Without words he just seems to convey this feeling of being trapped in the town and knowing there's no escape for him. I think the reason he was so cold and unwelcoming to Miranda was he wanted her to leave and escape the town. Even though it was creepy what he did as he prepared his niece in the coffin, it also seemed to denote a feeling of caring that he couldn't express to her while she was alive.

I'm also curious about his relationship with Rochelle. In that one glance at her he seemed to express a lot of love and longing for her. So far Ray and the murder of Charles Mathieson are the most interesting parts of this show for me.


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