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Ravenswood -- Luke's Not A Team Player

Updated on November 14, 2013

And he's not a faithful boyfriend

This was a kind of WTF episode for me and in not a good way. Like why all the stuff that's supposed to be creepy I thought was lame. Or the ridiculous junk coming out of Caleb's mouth and this from the same people who writer for Pretty Little Liars. As well as what seemed like a mini Luke and Tess hook-up.

Let's start with Caleb or why you shouldn't spin one half of a popular couple into a new show. Caleb's excuse for not telling Hanna what's going on is it'll put a target on her back and would make her come to Ravenswood to help him. Seriously, dude? She's already got a target on her back and it's name is A and by you staying in Ravenswood to be with your ghostly girlfriend you're leaving her unprotected. If she came to Ravenswood at least she'd be safe from A.

The other half of our ghost/human love connection, Moronda confided in Olivia that she's got a thing for Caleb, but boo-hoo he already has a girlfriend. The really funny thing is just a week ago Moronda was making nasty remarks at Olivia at her funeral. Now they're BFFs.

Proving what a noble beast she truly is, Moronda writes a love letter to Hanna from Caleb. Can you say creepy. Even creepier when he saw it and she told him what she did he was going to send it to Hanna. Yeah, I'm sure she'd love a letter written to her by your ghostly girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Moronda helped Olivia get into Ray's secret room. They found Ray's dead hair collection. He apparently clips a lock of hair from every corpse he prepares for a funeral. When Moronda saw he had her hair she had a fit, vowing since he wanted nothing of her in life, he didn't get anything of hers in death. Then she was popped out to the gate of the estate.

Olivia was left alone in the room with a Abby Wheeler hair sample in her hand, when the drawers of Ray's dead hair collection began opening and closing. She got so freaked out she left the vial of hair and ran for the nearest exit. Of course, Ray found it when he returned and when Caleb the obnoxious jerk started screaming at Ray and opened the drawers of his dead hair collection he found everything gone.

I'm still like Ray better than the rest of the characters on this show. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's because he's the best actor on the show and puts more into his role than the others do. I just like him and I wonder what's with him and Rochelle.

I have to say I wish they hadn't switched actresses in the role of Olivia. I liked the blonde better. Of course, if she was still in the role it would be hard to tell her and Tess apart. This dark-haired girl just really doesn't seem to fit the role very well. While I believe Luke and the blonde were related, I really get no familial connection between dark-haired Olivia and Luke.

Luke blew off the Team Caleb meeting at the local teen joint not wanting to be part of their party and went for a ride on his bike. Unfortunately, a suicidal raven took offense to Luke not wanting to make a Five Pact and killed itself by sticking its head into the spokes of the front wheel of Luke's bike, causing Luke to fall off and hurt his knee. Luke noticed the raven, afterwards, and so did I. I was surprised the bird still had it's neck attached to its body since it should have been decapitated by the spokes of the bike wheel.

Luke got more fun when he arrived at school and was greeted with Ravenwood's version of Ezra Fitz. Bryce wanted Luke to be in his play to raise his grades but when he learned he'd have to play opposite Tess he decided to bail. They talked afterwards and told Luke a story of how she was once an unpopular girl and they kissed. She kissed him because they have to do it in the play and then he kissed her back. Later he confessed the kiss to Remy and told her she reminds him of all the bad stuff being with her cause she insists hanging with Caleb and Company and he doesn't feel like that with Tess and he even felt the same way when he kissed Tess that Remy makes him feel. Not good.

In another WTF moment, when Remy's father saw Luke in his house, he didn't try to throw him out. In fact, he invited him to dinner. Since when? Did I miss a scene where he suddenly had a personality change about Luke hanging with his daughter?

Caleb and Moronda go to the auditorium where the play audition is being held and Moronda sees her dead mommy sitting amongst the actors play dead people and disappears with her, while Caleb knocks Luke out of the way when something nearly falls on him.

Caleb also meets a relative named Henry who gives him two keys on a chain. He and Remy go to the school to find out what it opens and they find a locked box. After Ray makes him look like a fool, Caleb has a temper tantrum and throws the locked box and it apparently opens as he stares at the contents. The audience isn't shown what he's staring at. I'm guess it's not a decapitated head. The box wasn't big enough.

As I said, I really find all the supposed scary moments kind of lame. I heard a quote from Alfred Hitchcock about the scariest thing is anticipating something happening, and maybe that's it. The way they execute the stuff isn't in a really scary manner. All the scary stuff in IT sends a chill up my spine. A balloon is even scary, but the stuff in this show always just seems kind of lame.

My final thoughts. Please, no more shirtless Caleb scenes. And please can't you give Remy a new hairdo. I can't concentrate on anything but that hair whenever she's in a scene.


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