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Ravenswood -- The Right One Died

Updated on October 31, 2013

So which one didn't make it?

I guess I wasn't paying much attention to the first episode, probably because of my disgust for how Ravenswood hijacked the annual Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special, so I didn't notice it was Miranda who pulled the wheel and caused the crash. Because of that I thought if anyone should die it should be her since she caused the whole thing to happen. So I was relieved when she was the one who died. That, however, didn't mean the end of her, as she wouldn't go into the light and was sticking around to haunt Caleb.

The action started at the hospital when Miranda was declared dead on arrival. The local cop, who looks like a real Barney Fife, wanted a sample of Remy's blood. Probably to see if he could pin the accident on her because she was drunk or had drugs in her system.

Luke and Olivia's mother, Rochelle arrived and she got into it with Remy's father and Barney. She's still stinging over the fact they both made it clear they think she murdered her husband, who we learn was the town mayor. Luke and Remy seemed to be set up as the show's Romeo and Juliet as both parents order their children to stay away from each other.

I have to say the parents are more interesting than the teens are. I'm actually more interested in the Mayor's murder than I am in the Ravenswood teen curse.

When creepy Uncle Raymond shows up to claim Miranda's body Grunwald suggests he invite Caleb to stay with them. Meanwhile, Raymond casts a longing look at Rochelle as she walks away. Is this an unrequited love or was his feelings reciprocated?

Of all the remaining alive teens, Luke is the least likable. I've nicknamed him Anger Boy. Caleb tried to extend the hand of friendship to him and he slapped it away. He showed a letter to his sister trying to convince her their mother was having an affair. And told Olivia her friend Tessa couldn't be trusted. As personalities go, he doesn't have one.

Olivia won the homecoming queen, but when she saw a pic on Tessa's phone of her and Springer [the guy that hates her and Luke] she told Tessa Luke was right and tossed the crown to her. At first, Tessa seemed upset then she put it on herself. So there's a big question on just how much a friend Tessa really is.

Another character with personality problems is Remy's father. If the guy isn't acting like a prick, I don't think he knows how to behave. His wife had to get him to back-off his daughter.

Remy continued to investigate the curse of a lone Ravenswood soldier returning to town as the only survivor of their unit and five local teens seeming to have to pay the price for that with their lives. And it seemed the curse was set on claiming Remy next. One minute she was asleep and the next she was standing in the path of an oncoming car. Luckily, her mother pulled her to safety in time, claiming Remy was sleep walking again.

It wasn't the only attempt made on her life. She helped Caleb break into the junk yard the remains of her car was sitting in. While Caleb went to look for something to open the car, Remy leaned in through the window to try and grab Miranda's bag that was still in the car. Ghost Miranda told Caleb there was something important in her bag.

The only important thing in her bag was the letter her mother wrote to her. And while that may be important to Miranda on a personal level, it didn't shed any light on what wanted the five teens dead or how to stop it from getting what it wanted. In short, typical Marlene King. Anyone who has watched Pretty Little Liars for any period of time knows her MO. She appears to be revealing something that will shed light on the mystery and it's just a red herring. So she's already started up with Miranda's letter in her bag that nearly got Remy killed.

Anyway, Remy leaned through the window to grab Miranda's bag and her radio suddenly came on and the car went all Christine as the window began to roll up trying to slice Remy in two. Luckily Caleb arrived back in time to save her. Then supernatural powers released the Junkyard Dog from the car Caleb had trapped it in when it went after him earlier, and began chasing them.

Enter Anger Boy who distracted the dog long enough for Caleb and Remy to get over the fence. Then when Caleb tried to thank Anger Boy he snarled and growled that this was all Caleb's fault. Actually, Caleb may be the reason Anger Boy lives to snarl and growl another day.

All five teens were supposed to die as payment for the saving of Remy's mother's life, but Caleb in the car may be why only one of them died, instead. Not only is he some descendant of another war hero who survived leading to five teens being sacrificed in repayment, he also isn't a Ravenswood resident. If Caleb hadn't been in the car, they all probably would have died that night.

I can't help but notice that Marlene has structured this show similar to the way Pretty Little Liars is. We now have four teens who'll need to solve a mystery to save their lives while their dead friend tries to help them from the great beyond.

While I can understand the need for Caleb to look like a surviving soldier that kicked off the curse, since that may be why it didn't work this time because he was in the car, what was the point of Miranda also looking like someone who died? She definitely wasn't some surviving war hero. So exactly what was the point? Does she and the other teens resemble the other teens that died in the past? Or is this the beginnings of some supernatural romance between Caleb and the super annoying Miranda? Were Caleb and Miranda's descendants lovers in the past and will that play some part in this curse?


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