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Reactions to Wendy Williams Filing for Divorce After 22 Years

Updated on April 14, 2019
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She writes about various topics including celebrities and entertainment.

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams-Hunter
Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams-Hunter | Source

Rumors have been circulating for a long time about Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter's marriage being in trouble. However, the tell-it-like-it-is talk show host had denied the rumors. Even so, she filed for divorce on Wednesday, April 10 from her husband of nearly 22 years.

The 54-year-old talk show host cited irreconcilable differences, which is a generic term for a series of personal problems a spouse does not want to put on paper. Instead, Williams lumped them off under that category when she filed for divorce from her 48-year-old husband and father of their 19-year-old son who is completing his first year of college.

Hunter was served with divorce papers the following morning at the studio where both of them work. Wendy initiated the divorce one month after Hunter’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, gave birth to a baby girl that is believed to be Kevin's.

Wendy shares everybody else's news, but she did not address the issue on her show after she filed. Even though she was not the subject of one of her own hot topics, she was talked about on other talk shows, in the news, and on social media.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Source

The day after Wendy filed for divorce from her producer husband, the show went on as usual. People tuned in to hear about the "hot topic" from Wendy herself. However, she did not mention one word about the latest development in her marriage.

If Wendy does get a divorce from Kevin, it will be her second divorce. In her biography, Wendy's Got the Heat, she shares a few details about her first marriage. She uses a pseudonym for him. The couple separated after being married for five months. Their divorces proceedings lasted more than a year.

On November 30, 1997, Williams married her second husband, Kevin Hunter. As far as records show, Wendy is Kevin's only wife even though he allegedly has a mistress and a new daughter.

Wendy Williams' Staff

Wendy's staff is walking on eggshells because those who work for Wendy also work for her husband. Kevin Hunter is also one of the producers of The Wendy Williams Show. Therefore, the staff is on the set and backstage with both of them which is uncomfortable for some of those who have worked there for all ten seasons.

While the staff doesn't want to take sides, most of them seem to be very supportive of Wendy. Some of them are shocked that Wendy actually filed for divorce especially when she said her marriage was not in trouble.

Those who are closer to Wendy said they are relieved that the talk show host is taking a stand instead of denying what was going on. The staff is glad the elephant in the room has been addressed. One staffer reportedly said, "It’s like a weight lifted off everyone’s shoulders.” The worker said, “Kevin’s toxicity was dragging everyone down.”

Other Supporters

Other than having people on her staff in her corner, Wendy has a large support system from other celebrities and family members. Most of them say they are glad Wendy is standing up for herself. Some have even concluded that this is better for their friend personally and professionally. They added that they are glad Wendy finally woke up.

Is Wendy reconsidering not divorcing Kevin Hunter?

Wendy's Reaction

RadarOnline says Wendy is having second thoughts about divorcing Kevin Hunter. The report is that Wendy is not as tough as she appears. The main reason she is having second thoughts is that she is terrified of being alone and doesn't know what her future will be like without Kevin.

Besides, Kevin and his friends are pleading with her to change her mind and not go through with the divorce after all.

Filing divorce papers came at a time when Wendy is vulnerable. She took a two-month break from her talk show. She said she was out for so long because of complications concerning her Graves' disease. During her long absence, dozens of celebrities hosted her show.

On March 19, Wendy revealed to her studio audience and viewers that she has been staying in a New York sober house and receiving treatment for past cocaine addiction.

Even though Wendy filed against Kevin, there is a possibility that she might reconsider and withdraw the divorce papers.

Do you think Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter will actually divorce?

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