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Ready Player One: The Review

Updated on March 30, 2018
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My passion is in the film industry itself but has always loved writing reviews in my spare time. Been doing it since I've been in college.

4 stars for Ready Player One

Wow, that was an experience. Probably one most exciting opens to a blockbuster I've seen in a while. Maybe since Logan with the tire scene. The beginning is completely different than the book but there's so much going on that, someone who likes pop culture will love every moment of it. The rest of film doesn't have the same fire, unfortunately. Although, it's a great ride from start to finish with only minor bumps in the road. The greatest thing about Ready Player One is that Spielberg really knows how to direct a film, real shocker. His presence here takes the film from being a complete dud to a really solid blockbuster.

Wade Watts is just a kid growing up in the stacks, a bunch of trailer parks stacked up on top of each other. This is because the world isn't doing so well with overpopulation. However, everyone is able to escape their world to go into the world of the Oasis, a large video game where you can do anything. There's also a larger game where whoever finds the three keys, by doing some impossible tests, will win the fortune of Halliday who's the owner of the Oasis. Watts has to try and win the game while a tyrannical company called IOI tries to stop him.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you the film is perfect because it isn't with some bad pacing at moments. We go from really cool action scenes to some slow moments. Also, the overall story is kind of basic when you open it up to the basic core. However, damn is the world and storyline within the world unique. The story within the story is referring to the game itself or what they call the Oasis. The point is that it is a giant game world where you can do almost anything and they have a larger game within where people have to collect these three keys doing almost impossible challenges that require you to be smart in order to solve them. That storyline is unique and brings something very interesting to the table. The other part is the overall structure and it's a basic YA film adaptation storyline where someone that's oppressed, fights against the system, has to fight against the man to win __. It follows that premise and doesn't really adventure outside of that.

However, the world itself is something to marvel at, being different than the book, and everyone who loves pop culture will marvel at its own existence. It's one of the most well-constructed words I've seen in a film and that's has a lot to do with the book because it is the bible they're taking most of these aspects from. It's just a wonderful world that Spielberg modernized a little from the book but gave it the same overall magic the book provided.

They did a pretty good job at copying the artwork in the book to the film.
They did a pretty good job at copying the artwork in the book to the film.

This will split fans of the book because some might not like it because it is so far from the book. Coming from someone who hasn't read the whole book, I can tell that they didn't put a lot of the book into the film. From the small parts I've read, they didn't put a single thing in and my friend who read the book told me that there's a lot of the book they didn't put in. So, if you're a die-hard fan of the book and think it is one of the best books ever, then you might not care for it. Although my friend cared for it in a different way. He liked it for it being different and feeling more cinematic but said it wasn't as dark as the book. However, the film is darker than most will expect. There are some moments where I was surprised they allowed it into a pg-13 film and a huge easter egg in the film that I loved. It was interesting because it is a rated R film that showed a scene I didn't think they could. It was great.

It has some problems with the screenplay itself though but that probably has to do with the fact that this film would have benefited from splitting it into two films. It is rare for me to say that but this film would have benefited from being a series or two films because there's a lot that's going into the film and would have fleshed out the story a little more. Even with it being over 2 and a half hours, I wanted more and that does speak volume to how good the film really is. I wanted more and it ended too soon.

Overall, I had a blast with the film. Not sure if it is a great adaptation but it works really well as a film. It is one of those films that I want to see again and to see if the experience is the same with a second viewing. I would recommend it to people who love pop culture and who love worlds that are extremely fleshed out while feeling alive. The best part of the film is when it is able to perfectly utilize the world and doesn't allow the story to drive the overall plot.


How I rate my films.
How I rate my films.

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