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How to Know an Online Business is Legitimate?

Updated on October 21, 2014

4 Keys to Finding the Best Online Services

When purchasing products and services online, it is always a bit intimidating.

There are possibilities that the sites you visit may not be secure or official. Unfortunately not every business out there is looking out 100% for their customers.


1. Does the company have a legitimate and complete website?

To help prevent yourself from purchasing from secure and trusted online businesses your can easily help know how secure they are simply by making sure their website is complete. If you aren't sure what is needed to make a complete and legitimate website, these are a few of the major things to find on an online business' website.

A completed website means,

  • Multiple pages with full pricing and product listing.
  • Confirm the site has a refund policy posted near the pricing page.
  • Contact Information is valid and clearly displayed.
  • Check the address. Make sure the address listed on the business' website is legitimate and a real location. If an online company does not list full contact information on their website, there is a high chance that this is not a legitimate website. Valid contact information is one of the best ways to validate an online business.

  • Secure Trust Seal or Security Logo.
  • Check out or Shopping Cart page has a secure URL server. The way you can check to verify that a secure server is on a business' payment page, is too look for a "Lock" in the URL bar.
  • Do they have personal testimonials? Real companies will always have testimonials from customers and clients. If you are able to search and find legitimate customer testimonials for a company, you will be better able to confirm the business is legitimate. Also, reading the testimonials of previous clients let's you know what REAL people think about the company you are thinking of working with.

If the Testimonials Below Inspire you, Hire Lai Rupe's Choreography Today!

Utah's Best Dance Choreo
Utah's Best Dance Choreo | Source

Let's Try These Tips! See if Lai Rupe's Choreography is Right for You!

Personally, I always like to know what other's think, before I commit to something. This is why I have included testimonials from just a few dancers and coaches that I have worked with. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I can't wait to help you dance now!

Independent Choreographer and Dancer (Age 24)

"As a choreographer myself, I find Alaina to be a really good choreographer and teacher. Her choreography is easy to pick up and technically fits the strengths of every dancer on the team. Shes willing to slow down and perfect each move until it is portrayed and executed just the way she saw it in her mind. Alaina does well working with each dancer individually and in a group to help them reach their full potential. Alaina also has original ideas behind themes in her dances. They always look very professional throughout the entire piece."

~ Caitlyn Mari Dalton

Avidity Dance Teacher (Age 17)

"Alaina Rupe is an incredible dancer, teacher, and choreographer. Her choreography keeps you interested and pushes you to achieve a higher level of technique. She is very understanding and helps you every step of the way to understanding. Full of high energy, she makes every moment of learning thrilling. There is never a boring moment in her choreography."

~Danza Ellis

Choreographed for AVIDITY DANCE COMPANY - Black Light Skeleton Hip Hop Routine

Advanced Pro Zeal Dancer with Avidity Dance Company (Age 24)

"Alaina Rupe is a hard working, dedicated dance choreographer, and teacher. She takes her time to make sure that everyone understands and is up to speed with her movement. Alaina's choreography tends to be upbeat, fun, and challenging! She has a creative mind and is never dull to be around!"

~Katie Reyes-Roundy

Avidity Dance Teacher (Age 16)

"Alaina Rupe is a fun, loving, and great understanding teacher. She has great choreography that catches your attention. Her choreography is an exciting upbeat, organized, and fun all together! she makes sure everyone understands before moving on to leaning more!"

~Dakota Edens.

Dancer at Avidity Dance (Age 14)

"Alaina is an amazing choreographer! I've loved every second I got to spend with her as a dance teacher and choreographer. She has helped me become a better dancer!"

~Brooke Cheyenne Merkley


Have any dance questions, concerns, or topics to discuss? Don't hesitate to reach out to Lai Rupe's Choreography. I am here to spread the beauty of dance.

Also, feel free to check out the article, "HOW TO RUN A HIGH SCHOOL DRILL TEAM ON A $500 BUDGET," for help fundraising for your dance studio or team!

Thanks for your LOVE and Support!
~Alaina (Lai) Rupe


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