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Real Estate (indie rock band)

Updated on April 25, 2012

Real Estate

Real Estate is an indie rock band from Ridgewood, New Jersey, perhaps best known for It’s Real, the first single off of their 2011 record Days. The band has been described as alternately belonging to the Chillwave or Lo-fi music scenes. The band’s current line-up consists of Martin Courtney (vocals and guitar), Matthew Mondanile (guitar), Alex Bleeker (bass), Jackson Pollis (drums), and Jonah Maurer (keyboards and guitar). Original drummer Etienne Pierre Duguay left the band in 2011.

While 2011’s Days received a number of critical accolades, Real Estate’s eponymous first record received a “Best New Music” rating from the notoriously prickly Pitchfork. Citing the Jersey Shore as the “beating heart of their current aesthetic,” reviewer David Bevan gave the record an 8.5 rating and compared the band favorably to fellow New Jersey-based indie acts Yo La Tengo and the Feelies. The band embarked on an American tour and received generally favorable reviews throughout a number of mainstream and music publications.

The bands second record, Days, was similarly released to widespread critical acclaim, with Pitchfork again deeming it a “Best New Music” release. Pitchfork reviewer Marc Masters gave the record a 8.7 rating and described Real Estate’s sophomore effort as “cleaner, sharper, and just plain stronger.” The band released two single from the record, It’s Real and Easy, both of which have received considerable airplay on SiriusXM’s independent music station.

While both the Chillwave and Lo-fi labels are applicable to aspects of its music, Real Estate fits neatly into neither. Comparisons to New Jersey’s the Feelies and the now disbanded American Analog Set are both apt, and the band marks out a musical identity clearly its own. Both dreamy and stormy, chilled and anxious, Real Estate often brings to mind the transitions between major phases in life, and it’s altogether good music.

The band toured the United States and Western Europe in 2011 and as of 2012 was touring Australia and New Zealand.


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