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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Modern Day Minstrels

Updated on August 5, 2016
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Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 6)

RHOA Season 7 Casting Rumors
RHOA Season 7 Casting Rumors | Source

RHOA Reunion: Who Should've Been Fired?

I disagree with Bravo's decision to fire Porsha Williams following her brawl with Kenya Moore.

I am opposed to frivolous acts of violence but the Real Housewives of Atlanta has had a history of violence and victimization among their cast members, many of which were not punished for committing similar offenses.

Andy Cohen should be called into question for allowing Kenya to use her props so aggressively; however, Porsha is almost 40 years old with no clear conception of self-control.

The latter statement is also true for most of the current and previous cast members.

Bravo should be held accountable for allowing another debacle to take place because the network failed to diffuse this high pressure situation.

Watch the clip and look for security...I couldn't find them.

Porsha Williams vs. Kenya Moore

So, who's fault was it?

Kenya Moore Speaks Out About Real Housewives Brawl with Porsha Williams
Kenya Moore Speaks Out About Real Housewives Brawl with Porsha Williams | Source

"Blacking out" Doesn't Justify Violence

  • Porsha told Andy Cohen afterward that she "blacked out".

What a fallacy. You can't claim temporary insanity and attack other people because you've failed at managing your own anger.

She was clearly lucid enough to get gussied up for the show and put her "fresh" breast implants on display.

Also, if it was a man claiming to have "blacked out" on a woman everybody would want his head but its seems people are siding with Porsha out of strange sympathy and disregarding the facts.

Porsha was wrong to get up in the first place and is clearly unstable; however, she should not be singled out and let go for the same actions her fellow cast members have displayed in the past especially when they were never reprimanded.

RHOA Excused Poor Behavior In The Past

Nene being overtly confrontational with Kim about her voice.
Nene being overtly confrontational with Kim about her voice.
Nene being overtly confrontational with Kim at another reunion show.
Nene being overtly confrontational with Kim at another reunion show.
Sheree Pulling Kim's hair/wig.
Sheree Pulling Kim's hair/wig.
Kandi defending her boyfriends honor.
Kandi defending her boyfriends honor.
Sheree yelling in a conference room.
Sheree yelling in a conference room.

RHOA Reunion Brawl...Whose to blame?

Who is to blame for the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion brawl? (season 6)

See results

RHOA Perpetuates Black Stereotypes

This reunion show completely perpetuated the stereotype of arbitrarily bitter Black women and their inability to get along due to constant competition.

Porsha was losing an argument, couldn't take the heat, and refused to bow out gracefully.

So, she won the fight but winning without grace or dignity is not winning.

Now, she'll have to go back to court...this time for assault and battery instead of divorce.

What kind of precedent does that set for little Black girls?

That it's OK to fight your sister when you disagree with what she is saying or doing?

Porsha did not feel remorseful about the incident either.

Rather, she was concerned about her image being tarnished and she should be because it was.

They all should be concerned because Bravo is depicting every Black female stereotype, packaging foolishness, calling it entertainment, and airing it nationally every week.

RHOA as the Modern Day Minstrels of Atlanta

RHOA Cast Member
Stereotypical Black Persona
Nene Leaks
A strong Black woman persona portrayed as over antagonistic, aggressive, bitchy, stubborn, hateful, sharp-tongued, and easily dismissed.
New Normal & Glee cancelled after casting Nene. She refused to particpate in the other RHOA's business ventures.
Kandi Burruss
A super Black woman portrayed as noble, obedient, faithful, overweight, and taking care of everyone around her except for herself.
She allows Mama Joyce to constantly give her grief and the other RHOA negatively comment on her weight.
Kenya Moore
A promiscuous Black woman with an insatiable sexual appetite whose reputation ensures that her credibility is doubted.
Sexual exploitation seemed to be involved regarding her fellow castmates husband, Apollo Nida.
Phaedra Parks Nida
Mz. Independent
An independent Black woman depicted as a narcissistic, overachieving, and financially successful; she also emasculates black males in her life.
Her husband takes the fall for unscrupulous behavior that she probably orchestrated and facilitated. Also, the mortuary/embalming business seems like a racketeering/money laundering operation.
Cynthia Bailey
A naive Black woman who assumes all the responsibilities and rarely if ever take cares of herself, which ultimately leads to health problems.
RHOA stress has taken a subtle but devastating effect on her body leaving it open to the development of fibroid tumors.
Porsha Williams
Welfare Queen
An unmarried Black woman who is lazy, unambitious, and content to sit home and collect welfare (or in Porsha's case alimony).
She never had an inkling about work until Kandi casted her for a play; however, her work ethic was nil.
Stereotypical Black persona's are surely present amongst each cast member on the RHOA.

Casting Modern Day Minstrels for Ratings

 BLACK'N'BLUES: a minstrel show
BLACK'N'BLUES: a minstrel show | Source

Black Children Are Watching & Emulating This Buffoonery

Facts & Conclusion

Reality TV

  1. is casted for conflict
  2. has controlled contexts;

however, these stereotypes are why this show is the most successful out of the Housewives franchise.

Audiences love to see Blacks collectively playing the modern day buffoon role.

But, this reunion show was window and a mirror, showing a real reaction within a fictitious situation.

Obviously, these women should reclaim their real persona's and take steps to protect it.

This will ensure that the Black women especially young girls will have some positive and honest role models.

Hopefully, this incident will entice the network to pursue a different direction with the show.


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      5 years ago

      This article says it all. Brilliant and true.


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