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Real News at Last

Updated on December 14, 2012

Real News from CNN

Hardly | Source

The Western Media

For those of you that have read some of my other hubs, you will assume, correctly, that I am not really a fan of the Western Press, especially the American media.

What I find with NBC, CNN, Fox etc., is that they all tell you the same news and they analyze it with, what they call, experts. These experts though, are ones of their choosing and are of the same blinkered opinion as the reporters.

Once I witnessed a “so called” expert, having been asked a question, was cut off and they switched to adverts. After the commercials, there was no expert. Some one had messed up and the expert had started to make a comment contrary to what the anchor had said.

The supposed news programs have in fact got very little news. They are mainly made up of reporters and “experts” telling you what you must think about the small amount of news presented.

In other words the American media are intent on brainwashing you into thinking what they want you to think.

They are doing exactly what they are paid to do. That is to report on the issues that the media bosses want reported and then conclude to the public the media bosses wishes, why?

Twenty years ago there were dozens of media bosses. Today all the different American news outlets are owned by just seven individuals. These media moguls are part of a larger group of wealthy elitists, whose plans are not only to own Earth’s entire wealth but to also own humanity.

There foremost weapon is the media. Through their media sources they are trying, and succeeding, to manipulate the masses into compliance with their wishes.


As I do not trust the western media, I have also looked at other media outlets from around the world, Russia, China, India and others, citing the same things that the western media were reporting.

Now I am not saying that these are any less biased but at least they are biased in a different direction.

By seeing the news from all angles, I was able to filter out the chaff and decide for myself what I believed to be the true story.

Not surprisingly, most of the time, it was completely different to what the western media were saying.

I thought that in a country where there is “free press”, the idea was that the media houses reported the truth to the masses; instead it is being used as a tool to control the masses.


There is now, one bright side.

I have found a news outlet that seems to just report the facts and leave it to you to determine what you believe.

This outlet is the television channel and internet site called Aljazeera.

Aljazeera is based in Doha in the United Arab Emirates and has an international staff of journalists from around the world.

There programs are non-stop news, with no opinions or conclusions: they leave that to you, having given you the facts.

Unlike with CNN, you do not hear them say “according to reports coming out of such and such….” They have reporters in the country where the news is actually happening and can report it live. They film this live action which saves them from having to be like CNN and relying on unsubstantiated “you tube” footage.

Again, not surprisingly, I conclude differently from what the western media are “pressing home”

As the “supposed” leader of the free world, shouldn’t America’s press reporting, be full and honest?

The politicians, with their diplomats and covert sources must know that what the media are reporting is not factual: Yet they say nothing.

Does all this just go to show how close that the elite are getting to achieve their goals?

The real sad thing is that these elite seem to be reaching their goals without any kind of protest.

Well, I suppose we could expect no less when they have the politicians in their pockets and the media in their arsenal.


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